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Adam Child  says:

Suzuki C1500T first ride

They may be about as relevant in the UK as a 50ft Winnebago or eight-litre SUV but, if you hadn’t cottoned on already, ‘baggers’ - or be-bagged or panniered cruisers designed for comfort and custom style and, usually, also with Plexiglass screens, a relaxed riding position and footboards instead of conventional footpegs, are big news in the U S of A. Historically...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (26 April 2013 16:02)

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Jan 13

Posts: 26

js70062 says:


Heavy enough to catch out a bike journo and end up lying on it's side, but only comes with a single front disc.




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Sep 08

Posts: 37

geoffb61 says:

There aren't many bikes that I look at and don't think I'd want to try it, but this is definitely one of them. Ugly, unwieldy, underpowered (or at least under-mapped - a 1500cc bike shouldn't be underpowered!), built to a low budget, impractical (huge panniers that you can't get a lid in!?!?) and probably unrideable in roundabout Britain. On top of that they only give it one front disc! It would be laughable if it wasn't so damned dangerous.

Leave this crap for the US market, where they might think this stuff is cutting edge!

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Apr 13

Posts: 26

comfysofa says:

Yup- i second that - if ever im seen driving anything remotely like this my only release would be a police marksman....

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Apr 13

Posts: 126

yaki says:

There is nothing wrong with this bike,Suzuki have got the balance between power ,weight ,chassis and yes a single disc right,the problem here is rider attitude and typically here in the uk every time a gay sports bike rider gets on this type of bike they have not got the ability to adjust to the bike and insist on trying to ride it like the sports bike they have just got off.When it will not they slag it off with the usual american comment it just shows up there limited ability, and this goes for mcn staff also.

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Oct 10

Posts: 6

C12Steve says:

Good value bike there for sure, What Suzuki do well,  anybody remember a little bike they brought out called a "Bandit"? cheap as chips and sold well. Now I don't think this will do the same numbers but it is a big affordable cruiser that you don't have to spend another £2000 to kit it out with luggage. I recon a Davida helmet would fit in the bags as well. 

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Sep 10

Posts: 1323

SatNavSteve says:

Too much black! Bet you can't find it in the dark! And It will look crap after its been in the rain a few times (if it ever goes in the rain!)  coz that black paint is bloody awful to keep looking clean.

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Aug 07

Posts: 42

charlesq_70 says:

Sorry, but no

I'm a cruiser rider and fan, and Suzuki have made some very good ones, but lack of low down grunt in a bike this size is not on. You could argue that bikes made for touring need smooth power at cruising speeds more than they need to win drag races, but that easy roll on at low speeds is so much part of the cruiser experience that losing it makes the bike pointless. It's not just Suzuki though, the Kawasaki 1700s aren't much more impressive from the off. And the single front disc isn't good enough given that this thing is probably going to be ridden two up and fully loaded by fat arses. Suzukis are always cheaper than their rivals but I'm not sure price is a huge factor in this segment, most people in the market for a bagger have cash to spare and would rather feel safer. Given that the new Guzzi has ABS, cruise control, traction control and switchable riding modes as standard, not even having ABS as an option is just not good enough these days. I wouldn't be bothered about not fitting a lid in the panniers though, if that means the bike overall is a bit narrower.

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Feb 13

Posts: 15

Guzzi Clone

Targetted at the new Guzzi California methinks. Not as good as a good though and certainly nowhere near to a Harley.

Jap cruisers just don't have it. No soul or tradition.

Would rather purchase a good second hand HOG.


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Apr 13

Posts: 2

Unbiased says:

It works for me

Not everyone wants to be a Rossi clone, some people are actually able to make their own mind up about what they like and they don't need the 'help' of small minded souls with a one track sports bike mentality. After years of riding bikes I became sick of all the back biting within the 'community' and the lack of comfort and practicality offered by bikes so I swapped to a YP 400 scooter. Now that will give you all a good laugh, but think on a little, whilst your 'sports bike' has been sat in the garage all winter because you are scared of it, I've been having a merry old time tooling around. Before anyone has a go by saying 'why am I reading MCN' I haven't lost interest in bikes, I still love them, all of them, cheap Chinese hacks up to Goldwings, they all have their place in the wonderful life that is riding on two wheels.

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Sep 09

Posts: 894

Rogerborg says:

I'm minded to quote the MCN review cliches article

That slates the term "a lot of bike for the money".  But that would be churlish, wouldn't it?

What I will say is that I'd rather pay more to get less bike.  363kg is just insane.  Do they start with a solid lump of pig iron and CNC it out?

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