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MCN  says:

Would you use a helmet / bike camera to record your road riding?

There's been a huge surge recently in the number of people recording their daily rides, using bike and helmet cameras to allow them to record what other road users (and themselves) are up to. But it's a double edged sword - do something illegal, and the footage becomes evidence. Delete it afterwards, and you're facing potential jailtime. So do you record...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (01 May 2013 10:40)

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Jun 12

Posts: 6

xXLewisXx says:

Already do

I already do, you can see how useful it is from some of my videos, but it still is a possibility that if you're going out on a fast one it could be used against you.

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May 04

Posts: 23

madproffesor says:

I see one guy regularly with a camera on his helmet. he gets cut up and then looks at them with the camera. Sometimes I wish I could film him as he is dangerous, takes the smallest of gaps and gets upset with drivers who do not give him enough space. A complete kn98(**&&^ed.

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Mar 13

Posts: 40

pacman1967 says:

Invaluable in an accident

After being knocked off by a hit-and-run last year, and waking in hospital with 3 factures to the skull and no memory and no evidence, I use mine on every trip.

It was also a help when a traffic cop pulled me claiming I had been doing around 50mph(by his estimation) ina 30 Zone. I knew I hadn't and said we could check my camera. His response was surprise, before saying "Well there will be no further action today, just watch your speed in future".

Of course if I had been speeding it could have counted against me, but I think the pros outway the cons if you ride with your brain in.


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Aug 06

Posts: 11

inewham says:

whats the point?

Apart from extreme cases such as an accident who cares? If you show the police a video of a near miss theyre not going to do anything.



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Sep 10

Posts: 1323

SatNavSteve says:

In Germany and France a few years ago with my mates, I had my video camera on a bracket on the tank and got some great shots. However they wouldn't let me use it to go round the Nurburgring saying it would be dangerous if it fell off! Miserable killjoys!!

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Jan 11

Posts: 8242

snev says:


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Oct 05

Posts: 133

romford4 says:


too right I'd use a camera.  Already got one in the car, and once I've got the bike serviced and a couple of new tyres, the next spare bit of cash is going on a decent helmet cam.

I'm not interested in recording my ride for posterity, posting up on YouTube, or in being one of those smart-arses who posts up the mistakes other road users make online... can't stand the self-righteous smug people who do that.  Funny how many of them cut part of a video short as soon as it looks likes they're about to do something wrong!

For me, it's purely about providing evidence if(when) some inattentive tosser knocks me off my bike, injures me, damages my bike, disputes liability, and think they're leaving me with a very expensive bill... unfortunately an all too common occurance these days.  I'm no saint, and no 100% perfect motorist every minute of every day of the year, but going by the standard of driving of many on our roads these days, I have much more to gain from using a camera than I have to lose.

Cameras are already being extensively used in the PCV and HGV industries as well as everywhere else in life.  I reckon the next step will be manufacturers offering built-in forward facing recording cameras as an optional extra on cars.  In fact, I hope the government legislate mandatory use!  I can tell you from experience, that some of the guys I've worked with in the HGV game have calmed their driving down hugely when the boss has fitted cameras to their fleets. 

Think of the benefits for the private motorist - proper liability would be established in the majority of accidents, so insurance premiums could accurately reflect the REAL risk.  Unsafe drivers would either have to improve their driving pronto, or be priced off the road. 

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Aug 06

Posts: 22

nickmas says:

Is it admissible in court? Just got a camera and everyone is saying the police could use it against me? Can they take the sd card from me? Will not be posting them on youtube either.

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Feb 08

Posts: 160

davdamos says:


I do enjoy watching motovlogs on YouTube already. My favourites are Thegardensnake, Baron Von Grumble, Spicy110, Armenian, Fireguy24...

If I had money for a new bike and a camera, then I would record my rides. But only upload videos if something good happens

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Nov 12

Posts: 39

Danny456D says:

i do sometimes...

then i get back after a decent hard ride and discover it looks nowhere near as fast/cool/impressive as it felt doing it. Good craic though.

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