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MCN  says:

Would you use a helmet / bike camera to record your road riding?

There's been a huge surge recently in the number of people recording their daily rides, using bike and helmet cameras to allow them to record what other road users (and themselves) are up to. But it's a double edged sword - do something illegal, and the footage becomes evidence. Delete it afterwards, and you're facing potential jailtime. So do you record...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (01 May 2013 10:40)

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Nov 12

Posts: 39

Danny456D says:


and i'm talking about bike riding by the way...

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Sep 12

Posts: 6

Sehp says:

I ride lots of scenic routes, tonnes of country roads, and in my free time ride around 60-150 miles a day when it's a nice day. So many times on group rides or country rides I'd wish I'd had one. Sadly, the pocket disagrees :(

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May 09

Posts: 269

JustBe says:


I'm going to record everything now after how I was treated after a crash. The vehicle was in the Left only lane and went right but no one around to prove it, the Police were against me from the get go for some reason and the vehicle driver made up witnesses who weren't even around. I was in the hospital cause I broke a bone and so I couldn't make up a story like he did.... I got nothing. He was in left only so I was overtaking him in the right and he suddenly came across, how the fuck am I to blame?

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Aug 09

Posts: 178

busaman195 says:


my riding at time`s may just go over soon speed limits.[only a little]ish,so wouldn`t like to film it ,but can see the benifits having one.would need a star over the speedo!.....not on justbe sorry to hear that.

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Nov 12

Posts: 31

Bungle1078 says:

Damn right I do!!!

I have for nearly 2 years now!

Drift 170 stealth and a New Drift HD!


The wifes reaction was not great to start with! "another gadget you wont use!" but it saved my arse when a Dr knocked me off on a roundabout! He came on without giving way and at full chat! my R6 was written off and was off work for a while!


Had it all recorded! and him stating 3 times "i didnt see you" "i wasnt concentrating". No police were called as i lay there! ambulance yes! but he miss reported the collision as a rider off alone!


He claimed that i was speeding and came on to the Rbout without looking and hit him!

(What the %^&^$£$&&$£%&%£%%$^%$)

It took a while to persuade my insurance appointed solicitors to LOOK at the footage, but eventualy they looked at it months down the line. and guess what it was no contest 100% against him.

And had a crash 3 months later wearing the same 170 Stealth. Saved myself from a broken neck! Landed on my head, the camera being there prevented my head from rolling over and causing damage to my neck! The camera skitted off into the distance! and it still bloody works!


Dont get me wrong if you do something stupid and have an off they can use it as evidence! but i am not convinced that they can use it against you if you are just speeding etc! Could be wrong!


I do not go out without one now! You catch some stupid driving though! and if you cant use that as evidence against car drivers bad driving, im sure they cant use it against you!

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Feb 05

Posts: 223

Bob_1 says:

Yes and No

I bought a GoPro to use on my ZZR for recording standing start mile events. I have used it on the road but that wasn't the purpose of buying it. This recording was 203.1mph, starts 45 secs in.


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Feb 13

Posts: 1278

AlexDAbomB69 says:

Put them in helmets

For insurance purposes. In two days I have nearly been hit by car drivers on the phone or texting whilst driving, post the video to plod so these idiots start drivng with more care and attention.

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Feb 13

Posts: 18

justaname says:

be carefull with video

yes, this is something i am considering for the obvious reason of being involved in a accident that wasnt my fault, the video evidence could be crucial for insurance proceedings. However, i do have reservations of people uploading videos onto you tube and maybe falling foul of privacy intrusion laws, for instance, becoming a self styled bad driver vigilante.

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Feb 09

Posts: 4771

philehidiot says:


had a couple of accidents, one of which was my fault and I was totally honest about. I won't lie to cover my mistakes so a camera is no downside to me. Also, the mount is high up on the bars so it can't see the speedo so if I do go over a bit it's not a problem. I would mount it on my helmet so it sees what I see but it's too heavy and would make a racket with wind noise. The reason I do this is because I had a non fault accident where I was knocked off by a driver no looking, crossing white lines, etc etc where I was filtering perfectly legally (within the white line). He admitted fault and then lied to the insurance company (something I think should lead immediately to prosecution as it just ups everyone's premiums) meaning it took 18 months to sort out. Camera evidence would have shown exactly what happened and there would have been no contest. There are also a couple of drivers who have almost had me off deliberately and I'd have enjoyed having them prosecuted for dangerous driving. A mistake is just that, people not seeing you is annoying but still a mistake. Someone actively trying to push you off the road is someone who needs to be out of a car and walking to work. Video footage can help to do that.

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Nov 12

Posts: 28

MrGiggle says:

I already do!

Its just nice really to have really. I makes me more confident on the road knowing I can prove stuff. Due to the reason me purchasing it, after being hit off and the driver speeding off!

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