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Apr 07

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Givng up bikes after accident?

Broke my hip (top of femur) in fall last December and now have 3 pins holding it together. Question is should I ride again. Sure riding itself wouldn't be a problem but what scares me is what would happen if I came off.
Any advice

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  • Posted 2 years ago (02 May 2013 09:55)

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Aug 02

Posts: 29244

Kamchat says:

Barry Sheene ...

..would have said - 'keep on riding'....:winkie:


What would happen if you fell off.?'s impossible to say ...your hip may be fine but you might die from brain injury ..or break your back and be paralysed ...or lose a leg ...all these things were possible before you broke your hip ..and are still possible now. :wacko:

If you were the kind of person who would be put off by 'what would happen if you fell off' you probably wouldn't have been riding in the first place. :winkie:


So my advice is - if you can still ride, and want to  ..keep on riding.

But what do I know? - I'm an idiot who has been in at least 13 bike accidents but persists in riding..:tongue:.... You should maybe ask your doctor ...but then again, most doctors would advise anyone against riding motorbikes as they all to often see the worst results from when things 'go wrong'. 

In these dilemas I always ask myself the question 'How long will I be dead for?' - It tends to help with the decision. :winkie:

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Jun 12

Posts: 583

enfieldturbo says:


give in, i ache like feck from my bad accident years ago, but biking is too good to give up, unless you lose interest in them..

i found that after my accident i because a better rider, with eyes like a shithouse rat, looking for things that may cause me harm on the road..

get back on a bike and enjoy life :wink:

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Sep 09

Posts: 1766

beaconsman says:


had a pretty shit day yesterday in all fairness, left home at 6-30pm, got to willingham ten mins after, then on to horncastle with some mates...all stress disappeared,,:smile 

and I had a near fatal accident in forces in 02...

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Dec 07

Posts: 1112

goldenboyfz1 says:

Keep Riding

I got hit head on at 30 mph by a wayward Transit !!..who never saw me. 

Life is only worth living, if you feel alive !!.. Youre here once mate... live everyday to the full... If you want to ride...ride !!

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Aug 02

Posts: 982

first off

At least you got away with your life. Get well soon.

Only you can answer if you should give up or not. How much did you really enjoy riding, if enough you will ride again.
I am 63 and been riding since bronchitis an rickets was the norm. Not had a bump or an off for so many years i have forgotten, however, if i were to have a off or bump i think i would believe a message had been sent and time to use my bus pass.
If you are young get back on A bike as soon as. 

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Jan 10

Posts: 3414

Beelady says:

I think

you should ride again if you still feel you want to. Even if you do come off sometime in the future the chances are you will land differently and won't cause more damage to your pinned bone.

Best of luck, whatever choice you make :smile


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Mar 09

Posts: 8924

jaffa90 says:


still trying after 3 offs (in the first 5 years) before age 20.

Now 58 and just fell of my electric push bike at slow speed into a grass verge,tried to look back before a right turn but could not manage it due to stiffness in my body when i looked back ahead i was going for the kerb and dismounted.It only hurts when i laugh. 

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52 Black Shadow


Apr 03

Posts: 674

Mel ??????????

Sorry to hear about the injury Mel, Were you on the bike or was it another type of fall? 


I guess we all look at our lives from time to time and wonder what we can do to reduce risk of harm, especially as we reach the age where bones will become more brittle and time off work might be more serious.


My advice would be to keep riding, but that's only my opinion (and as long as I can climb on my bike I hope I'll follow that advice myself), but it has to be your choice.  A friend gave up riding a few years ago, because he'd broken his femur for the second time, and they put a pin down the length of the bone (inside the bone).  He was told that at his age they wouldn't remove the pin, and if he broke it again and the pin bent then he'd have a serious problem because it's almost impossible to get a bent pin out, or to straighten the pin in place.  He always looks longingly at my bikes, but has so far avoided getting another himself.


Hope you get through whatever decision you make, let us know either way.





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Apr 07

Posts: 2292

Thanks all for replies

Yes its Mel

The doc reckons I fractured the bone years ago as I only tripped over a step in the house and fell awkward but as he said there was not enough energy in the fall to break the femur unless there was already a weak spot and I'm only forty something so old age not the issue.
As has been said I guess the best way is to get on the road and see how I feel, riding and crashing has never been anything I ever worried about before and I suppose if I did have an off and cause further damage the docs can put me back together again.....
Me thinks sometimes we can over analyze these things

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Jan 11

Posts: 8394

aehewitt says:


Back on the bike.....:biggrin:  IF it starts messing with your mind then worry about it...    :smile

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