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Simon Patterson  says:

Jerez MotoGP: Pedrosa wins as Marquez and Lorenzo collide

Dani Pedrosa rode to an easy race victory at his home GP at Jerez, but the real talk of the race was a dramatic last corner collision between rookie Marc Marquez and defending champion Jorge Lorenzo. Lorenzo led early in the race, but a hard charging Pedrosa soon came through and got away, pulling out a gap right away as Lorenzo...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (05 May 2013 14:14)

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Aug 11

Posts: 437


Rossi had no competition when he was winning his 9 titles,  Err he was riding on his own then was he ? 

So what your also saying is, Stoner and Jlo had no competition either then.  Do us a favour and be quiet please you idiots

Congrats to MM for turning up the heat in MotoGP :)

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Apr 09

Posts: 1388

Richard1967 says:


I dont think MM will give a flying fuck about Jorge's disapproval , hes a winner , and winners generally set their own standards , Im not sure the overtake was so bad anyway Jorge left a huge gap , Its a shame MM and Jorge have got to it so early in the season , I think theyre both amazing riders , but thats how it is . Would Team Marquez want to just add another rider at the front or try to win hook or by crook (within reason and context) . Ride of the day for me ? Has to be Dani , and 2nd best on the day has to be Esperago .As for boring races , I'd have to agree but then i read RevNuts post and altered my position .

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Sep 10

Posts: 832

CBR11X says:

The rest of the season should be very interesting. Young Marc is surely putting the cats amongst the pigeons. Hopefully he won't take himself and/or other riders out. He looked very ragged into turn 6 down the back straight, almost collected George a few times there. George did leave a gap into the last turn and I knew Marc would go for it. Nothing really wrong with that move, it was less harsh than Rossi V Sete IMO.


I was sure George would run away with it, so hats off to Dani, whose practice lap times were all over the joint. Hopefully the remaining 13 will be just as dramatic.

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Mar 12

Posts: 454

whats incredible about marquez

was his ability to bounce back from his mistakes earlier in the lap. his rapid recovery seemed outta this world, as Jorge himself thought he had done enough to take second place once MM slid past him

Just as i suspected, Jorges precision in practice only goes so far, how many times did we witness similar incidents at the end of last year where JLo would churn out a succession of rapid laps, but come race day it would all count for nought as Pedro would hand Jlo his ass!

and now It seems JLo, in his frustration, is already crying for improvements! only two races ago it was a resounding victory at Qatar. Fk me, Primadonnas galore in the factory yamaha team!

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Jul 12

Posts: 3054

wosihound says:

It's a funny old world..

..It's the same bozo's wetting their knickers about the battle for 2nd in Jerez and Marquez' ability to bounce back from earlier mistakes, proclaiming it outta this world..who at Qatar in a similarly exciting comeback dismissed Rossi for getting trashed by his team mate.

The same posse who keep calling for Val to retire and slink off back home, like the guy who turned his back on them.

M'lud..I give you the evidence against the bunched up Orange pantie sniffing haters masquerading as fans.

Pedrosa and Simoncelli France 2011, the outrage from Puig - not for the first or last time - and the ganging up.

Lorenzo and Rossi Motegi 2010, the blubbing after boasting about wanting a battle and telling tales.

Stoner and just about everywhere that anyone had the nerve to engage him or share the same piece of track.

Rossi labled them pussies..and he was bang on. Lorenzo spitting his dummy after the race, wagging his finger in a strop, then blaming the Factory M1 he's developed, is typical.

The incredible thing about Marquez, which isn't altogether surprising, is that he has a racers heart and lives for the battle..just like his hero Rossi, from whom he borrowed a leaf and gave the WC a racing lesson at the corner that was prematurely named after him yesterday.

Rough justice..?

Fkin hilarious more like..

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May 12

Posts: 183

rocketri17 says:

steady2wheels & whemy

Really? No competition for Rossi in when he won his 9 titles? Stop trolling guys, for real.

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Apr 12

Posts: 586

wonder if

Lorenzo will fake a shoulder injury like gibernau

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Jan 13

Posts: 98

Farnarkle says:

Wosi, reliable as ever

Aah, Wosi, me old bucko - still hurting because Rossi hasn't won in the last 40 races?  Hang in there, matey, there's always the Tuvallia all-comers pizza-delivery Scooter Cup upcoming. The old dog still has the potential in an own-balls-licking contest, he only has to get his head a few inches out of his arse to give it a real hard go.

But, I have to admit that Marquez has taken a leaf out of Rossi's book. Actually, when you look at the comparitive results, Marquez is about to write every record Rossi ever held off the slate - he's done better at every stage of his racing than Rossi.  At last we are seeing what someone with the same level of support to Rossi throughout his career can achieve.  Rossi inherited Doohan's bike and team; Marquez has inherited Stoner's bike and team.

Rossi, me old copper saucepan, is grass and Marquez is a lawnmower. Expect to see Yamaha developing Rossi's bike with ape-hangers, tassels on the clip-ons and highway pegs, because Rossi is Root 66 and the Holiday Inn as far as motoGp is concerned. It's going to be a long, long year for you, but I'm with you, bro - I'm buying shares in Longbow..

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Jun 11

Posts: 233

Smackbum says:

3.5 aliens - same as it ever was

Great work by Dani to manage his tyres better than the rest.

Good work (mostly) from Jorge - first by trying his hardest to disrupt Dani, and then getting into a rhythm that almost delivered him a 2nd place.

But Marqy Marq?  Putting in a hard pass on the last lap is almost de-rigueur in this sport, but it ain't supposed to be pinball.  Yes - Jorge erred in leaving the inside open, but MM went through the inside line and T-Boned Jorge in a move that could have had serious consequences.

I doubt that MM will be disciplined officially for that move, but I guarantee there will be a quiet word in his shell-like to not make a habit of it.


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Bob Buttamasangy


Jul 08

Posts: 1366

Any port in a storm eh Wosi? Just like all the rest of the Flo fans.

Watching riders who trust each other like Dani's pass on JL is the epitome of world championship racing, not the serendipity of MM's efforts last night. Ugly but weirdly interesting at best, a bit like the photo of your bitch Wosi... Woof woof!


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