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MCN  says:

Would you encourage your kids to become motorcyclists?

The roads are a dangerous place for a biker these days, with more traffic than ever. So, would you ever let your kids ride a bike? Would you worry about their safety too much? Or do you jsut let them head off into the wilderness on two wheels?  

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  • Posted 352 days ago (07 May 2013 14:40)

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Feb 08

Posts: 155

davdamos says:

i'd happily get an off road bike for my kids, get all the gear and take them to a track. gives them a good hobby to get into. if they want to keep doing it then that's up to them. i just don't want them not to be given the chance to do something fun. as for road use, i wouldn't say no, but it's up to them whether they want to or not

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Mar 05

Posts: 60

Darowyn says:

I did, and they didn't!

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Feb 13

Posts: 18

justaname says:

proper training

i remeber first gettin a bike in the days when you just sent off for a provisional n put some L plates on.. my parents got me a 50cc when i was 16 and they used to take me on fields then quiet roads untill i could safely use the bike. i never had an accident and rode in all weathers everyday of the matter how long you ride that first bike is the sweetest, its a right of passage. i loved that little 50cc and i wouldnt deny any kid the chance to experience that shiny first foray into independence. Granted, the roads are busier and more dangerous now but the training and safety equipment are a lot better now too.

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Aug 02

Posts: 50

Tetley says:

My Dad was a motorcyclist before, during and after WW2. He bought me my first motorbike in 1960 when I was 16. I bought my son a PW50 for his 6th Christmas. Then a TY80, and a GS125 when he was old enough to ride on the roads. Because he started so young, when he went on the road he was able to concentrate on traffic hazards and not on learning how to control the machine.

My son is now 30 years old and rides every day for commuting and pleasure.

I'm convinced that riding a motorbike makes anyone a better driver when they move onto 4 or more wheels.

I think that all drivers should do the motorcycle CBT and Phase 1 of the test before they are allowed to venture onto 4 wheels.


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Feb 12

Posts: 214

Titosfuneral says:


Quote "I'm convinced that riding a motorbike makes anyone a better driver when they move onto 4 or more wheels. I think that all drivers should do the motorcycle CBT and Phase 1 of the test before they are allowed to venture onto 4 wheels." I couldn't agree more.

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May 09

Posts: 255

JustBe says:


I've had 8 crashes so far, I'm still alive, much safer than being in a car.

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Apr 10

Posts: 73

exceledsteve says:

House brick

My mum shit a house brick when I brought my first bike home at 17. If I'd listened to her whining in her soiled knickers I'd never have had the 28 years of pleasure from the bikes I've had since. My boy is 15 this year and, though I'm not encouraging him into bikes, I'll ensure he is trained, kitted out and has the right attitude to riding if he wants to follow our path. I've told my mum many times since how motorcycling has helped to define me. She couldn't give a shit.

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Feb 13

Posts: 12

talkToTheHat says:

Two years ago I was reunited with /the one who got away/ very long story. She has kids now and they're ace. Family has a history of bikes, but until I showed up bikes were history. Shortly after I crashed badly about half a mile from the house (I missed the car, bike didn't, got away with sprained ankle), and by the time the ambulance is there, she and the kids are coming past on the school run. School dealt with and in hospital first question she asks is am I planning on riding again. I told her I thought I needed a new bike. Didn't take long. Kids have seen broken me and broken bike, know it's dangerous. They both watch bike racing if I seem to be getting excited about it. Bike racing game for the xbox is on the birthday list. Lost count of the number of lego and meccano bikes that get made. Far more bike mad than I ever was before I got on my first dirtbike. I suspect that at some point in the future at least one of them will decide they are riding and that will be it. Finding appropriate kit, training schools and possibly bikes might be done, all of the if you're riding you'll want this kind of stuff, that's just sensible. But there won't be pressure to ride, like "happy 16th birthday, here's your first scrot".

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Apr 08

Posts: 960

geoffart says:


Hmmm, I'm looking at my swollen ankle nearly two months after the surgery I needed following the foolish driving of a white van man who pulled out without looking (assuming I don't accept his official version that he couldn't see right in front of his van because of the sun) and smashed into my stationary motorcycle's right hand side. Sometimes you can have the best attitude and skill and still come a cropper because there are too many absolute fools on the road! He could so easily have completely destroyed my leg to the point that I wouldn't have it anymore, so I was lucky, lucky. The fact he was sorry is some consolation, in that he may atleast change his ways. But he is one man... and there are many more out there. I might need my legs and arms for another sixty years, so I'm kind of worried now! .. even if there might be some awesome robotic replacement in 40 years. I absolutely love riding, but I'm going to try to tone it down a bit, and maybe even in the long term try to get into driving a car in rush hour traffic. Ithink as bikers we really are too vulnerable to cars, vans and lorries. Blind spots are getting worse, internal distractions are on the increase in vehicles with satnavs and mobiles... It's not good to be a biker in terms of staying safe today. When they put more collison avoidance tech on cars then it might improve. So, if I had kids... Would not feel good about them following my path and becoming a biker, even if they were excellent riders. But, if they really had their heart set on it, I would not stand in their way and stop them.

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