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May 13

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brownd95 says:

Hi All, Some advice please

Hi All,

Please could you give me some advice.

I passed my CBT in Spetemeber time last year. Im 29years old from Derby/Notts area. My experience of the whole CBT was dreadful. I managed to pass somehow. The bikes were passed their best, the trainers were constantly racing again time so for someone who had never ridden a bike before it was living hell. the headsets kept dying so out on a run we lost communication and had to pull up for 20 minutes while he fixed the thing.

Where I am at now:
-Have not been on a bike since
-Want to re-train / learn how to ride a bike properly as my gear changes were all over the place. All I was told was "you know how to drive a car.. its the same"
- Finally want to get a big bike licence if this year if possible as just been quoted £600 for my car insurance :upset:.

My thoughts:
- Should I phone up to do another CBT and possibly still no be sure how to change gear correctly?
- Should I buy a 125cc bike and practice on my driveway/quiet industrial road until i get the knack of gear changing?
- Should I contact a motorbike instructor and ask for 1-2-1 pay as you go lessons?
Im not thick, just that it takes me a bit longer than average to pick up something, like i passed my car test after 1 year on the second attempt.

Thanks all for your help.


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  • Posted 2 years ago (08 May 2013 08:21)

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Aug 05

Posts: 7563

babyblade41 says:

Id definately

get a 125 especially as the summer is coming and should enjoy better weather.  I wouldn't do a CBT again IMO.


Do you know anyone who could recommend a good instructor in your area,

Keep going you sound like you want it enough

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May 13

Posts: 2

brownd95 says:


Thanks for your opinion.

Unfortunately I don't know any other bikers so with regards best instructor in my area, i think its picking a number from a hat scenario.

I'm so determined to pass my big license, just I want to be patient and learn to ride a small bike first in my own time and get instruction from the best.

I saw one online video where the instructor was a right ((sarcasm is the word that comes to mind):mad:, I'm there to learn and paying money so just want a decent patient instructor.


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Sep 10

Posts: 2240


sounds like

you should find a decent instructor, and just pay for a days training, or however long it takes to master riding a 125.

Then buy a suitable 125 and ride it over summer...

If you like it, then perhaps is a good time to think about getting a full licence later this year or next, once you feel competant and confident

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Mar 03

Posts: 2923

obewan says:


I'd go for the 125 also, if your funds allow.

I'd also ask about not only 1-2-1 but 2-2-1 training as that way you get to follow as well as lead and you can learn as much from following an instructor (who is behind the lead rider) as being in front. look at their road positioning, the way they read the road etc.

Also ask what qualifications they have.

Get a copy of MCN or Bike/Ride mag and look at the classifieds there are a lot of retired bike cops out there offering training. Great riders - of course how well they can relay this information in training may vary greatly that depends on the person. Also you might want to try the IAM - some of their chaps do basic as well as Advanced training.

Finally ask the bike shops they tend to know from experience and customer feedback who are good and who aren't in the local area for training.

But with a great biking year opening before us I'd try my damndest to get on board pronto

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Aug 12

Posts: 267

zanderh says:

Notts area

Look for Beechdale Motorcycles or Roadcraft Nottingham, had a load of good reports from friends about them and they have all the time in the world for new riders. Probably not the closest to you but if you're looking for quality it'd be worth giving them a call/look in. Good luck!

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Aug 02

Posts: 2723

spondonste says:

Getting on the road

The CBT is just to prove sufficient competence to control the bike on the road whilst still on L plates. There is nothing to be gained from retaking your CBT and I'm not sure you can legally do so if you already have a valid CBT certificate.

From your comments however you definately need a refresher course before you'd be comfortable to go on the road. These are available from many training centres (where did you take your original CBT as there's a few training schools around derby/ notts?). Once you're comfortable that you can control the bike adequately then get your own bike and ride it to build up your confidence.

Some school bikes do lead a bit of a hard life and gearboxes can be less than slick. I took my test many years ago on a school bike that had a crap gearbox and struggled to get in to first for a fair bit of the test. The bike I had used whilst learning to ride the bike was slightly older but didn't have the same gearbox problem so had obviously worn in a bit better. You might find that the gearbox problem was either incorrect technique, a stiff gearbox that hadn't worn in yet or a bike with a knackered gearbox/ worn linkages.

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Apr 13

Posts: 14

CBRJaney says:



I had never even sat on a bike when I did my CBT, I took mine in two sessions. My instructors were great (Chesterfield based) very patient and helped me with my confidence issues. I continued with them as I did my DAS throughout the summer last year, I failed my MOD1 the first time, passed the 2nd, then passed my MOD2 the first time. They let me hire a 125cc for 24 hours at time so I didnt have to buy one, this really helped.

Perhaps a change of instructors and see if they hire bikes out? If you are wanting a bigger bike at the end of your DAS, not much point in buying a 125 and insuring it yourself, as hiring includes insurance. I would recommend my instructors 100%, my other biker friends have taken their CBT's and tests with them also and have said the same.

Hope the above helps :biggrin:


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queen bodecia


Oct 02

Posts: 3039


Contact Shires Motorcycle Training (, the best in the area (yes I'm local). Not the cheapest, but cheapest can often be a false economy. Have a 'taster' lesson and see what they advise you to do.

Happy riding!

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