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MCN  says:

Is MotoGP's move to BT a good idea?

BT Sport’s successful bid for the live MotoGP TV rights in the UK in 2014 will be confirmed this week, with MCN learning the multi-million pound deal will be formally announced in London tomorrow (Thursday). But with a lot of people not subscribed to BT's tv channels at the minute, there's a lot of apprehension. So we want to know how...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (08 May 2013 14:09)

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Nov 05

Posts: 5

steve7368 says:

Moto gp to bt

Well thats the end of moto gp for me I for one will not be subscribing to bt tv. I hope the lack of viewers upsets the sponsors and then something may be done to put motorcycle sport back on mainstream tv BBC coverage was rubbish but at least it was free to watch.But fot the best coverage it shoukd have gone to eurosport full cverage of all the races.

Hopefully MCN will get a petition going to show just how disgusted we all are with the owners of moto gp.

I will watch the BSB its much more entertaing than moto gp at the moment.

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Jan 04

Posts: 150

venturer says:

I enjoy watching motogp, I don't have time for moto 2 and 3, Virgin TiVo records like 8 hours of stuff but misses the motogp stuff I want to watch, the BBC has Motogp live now so I have to record that as well because virgin suck, but i'm getting to the point that trying to watch it is becoming more of a task than a pleasure, the motogp official site also want me to pay them to watch videos, stroll on.

in a nutshell, I enjoy watching motogp, but if they make it to hard to watch then I'll do other stuff and that means i'll not see any sponsors advert at all.


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Jun 09

Posts: 195

Pads1982 says:

I don't get it

I don't understand the hate for the bbc coverage, love the rapour matt has with cal crutchlow. Mind you I didn't find the office funny, just shows how tastes vary

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Oct 11

Posts: 87


The only BT I know is a telephone company. What are we supposed to do? listen to the racing on the phone.

I already pay £60 a month for Sky My jobseekers allowance isn't going to stretch to some other type of subscription.

The article is piss poor, it doesn't even explain what "BT" is.

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Oct 11

Posts: 87

It seems that BT is like a cheapo rival to Sky or Virgin. I went on the BT website but have no idea how one receives this BT tv. Do we all have to rush out and get new satellite dishes installed or does it com over the phone line.

Is the idea that we get this alongside Sky or is it a replacement? Either way I ain't getting it.

It will take something more exciting than MotoGp to make me cancel Sky and get some dodgy new TV channel.

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Mar 13

Posts: 5

Thudder says:

Less is less

Seems like a move further towards oblivion as far as UK audiences for Moto GP are concerned. I'd have thought that leaving it accessible to as wide an audience as possible would make better commercial sense I'm not sure if BT realise how many current viewers only watch because it is free to air. In future the choice for those who are prepared to pay to watch may be faced with choosing between some guarantee of close action with WSB or the hit and miss of Moto GP. Tough choice. I for one won't be bothering, think i'll spend the sunny Sunday afternoons out on my bike instead, rather spend my money on petrol.

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Nov 12

Posts: 31

Bungle1078 says:


Although i love the idea of full and indepth covering of all 3 races! I cant help but think it wont be as good!


Either way im to cheap to pay for it ON TOP OF MY LICENCE TO THE BBC!

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Oct 12

Posts: 144

moto4 says:

the death knell

Really cant see how numbers will do anything other than drop through the floor. Sky is hugely popular- and I wouldn't pay for that either. I assume they must have some master plan to reach many more viewrs than simply those whom subscribe to BT.


Furthermore, I thought that 'BT' was actually 'BT BBC'? If this is the case, unless they are intending to show the races in full later on the BBC 'free' channels, that means they are saying to license fee payers that although your license fee paid for part of this licensing agreement we bought from Dorna you are not entitles to see it. Which is outrageous.


I suspect that they will show on subscription on BT, charge pay per view on the 'net and put highlights on later on the BBC 'proper'. All crappy solutions for the fans whom have continued to support MotoGP regardless of how at times it has struggled- why dont we get the same 'dues' as the teams that supported GPs, per Suzuki's pennance? Finally, I have defended Carmelo as surely having the best interests of MotoGP as wave after wave of criticism has been thrown (I'm sure he was thankful!) but I cannot see how this is will help MotoGP in anyway other than gaining a larger fee in the short term.

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Aug 02

Posts: 101

hondagixer says:

if you have sky then you can get BT.

espn will be going as BT have bought the all the rights to show the sport espn currently do. this is because BT obtained premier league football and espn didnt. so espn channels will in the end become BT as well so i would have thought those who currently get espn would get BT at the same price they currently pay.

espn classic is to close as part of the deal. look at pay around £10 a month for everything including all the football and motogp on the various channels BT will be providing on the sky platform.

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Oct 05

Posts: 15

jaywalk says:

Eurosport, not BBC and not BT

Ever since Eurosport lost full rights to MOTO GP my weekends have been messed up, coverage on BBC2 or BBC1 or under the red button or shown at a time when it fits in with snooker or golf. Dorna sold the rights not for the true fan but to make money from each country in the world rather than one broadcaster who could show MOTO GP live all weekend. i don't see how BT will be any better in coverage or commentators and all this will do is hurt the real race fan and put money in Dornas pocket, so in truth i am gutted with this news and just hope Toby and Julian are around next year.

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