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MCN  says:

You Ask/You Answer: Have the prison sentences handed out for speeding slowed you down?

"This is not a question about whether the punishment fits the crime, my personal view is 'no way', it’s what the thought of jail has done to my behaviour. "I’ve enjoyed powerful bikes for a good many years now and over that time I, like many riders, have had points for speeding. "I’ve deserved those points and will hold my hands up...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (09 May 2013 10:42)

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Dec 12

Posts: 1456

Diablere says:

The problem is

The people who make and uphold the laws have no understanding or interest in understanding how a motorcycle works.

i only ride for pleasure now, but have done enough miles working,Commuting  and Instructing  to know that as a motorbike rider your only advantages are speed, size and .acceleration

I would rather risk a prison sentence by riding at a safe progressive speed relative to the road conditions, vision and my abilitys than to running the very real risk of Death that sticking to an arbitary speed limit would entail!

So NO it won't make a difference to how i ride!

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Jul 09

Posts: 146

burningbush says:

built in speed reduction

I wear a Davida open faced lid whilst on my Bonnie, anything over 60mph without ear plugs results in burst ear drums. Stops me speeding-ish.

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Apr 09

Posts: 192

yammy7r says:

Why does'nt the same sentence apply to all the planks with a mobile phone stuck to their lug

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Aug 09

Posts: 180

busaman195 says:


What about the people who kill by driving when using the mobile phone and getting away with it,is it worth  the tax payer`s money to put you away for speeding?No. 1 or 2 years ban then and sit a  re- test that would be more like it.


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Oct 11

Posts: 2701

Piglet2010 says:


I ride a Honda Elite 110 to work, and let it full out on the streets near home every time. Figure no cop is going to give me a ticket for 50 mph in a 45 mph zone.

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Sep 09

Posts: 898

Rogerborg says:

Not really

But I keep it to 2 digits anyway, or else my slippers blow off and my pipe goes out.  You need to start your question with "If you regularly exceed the ton..."

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Sep 11

Posts: 25

tancakar says:

everyone speeds!

i think its outrages to get nicked from speeding as everyone speeds ! just a few assholes coming together and deciding that speeding is dangerous is bugging me ! german motorways doesnt have a speed limit and they got less accidents then UK how do you explain that ?

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Oct 05

Posts: 133

romford4 says:


I've just moved on to less serious crimes like armed robbery and drug dealing these days!

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Oct 11

Posts: 14

jail sentences for speeding,why?

Why send people to jail for speeding ,it doesn't make you a criminal,everyone speeds at some time or other it's just whether you get caught or not,I think for instance it is safer to ride fast on an open road out of town than for instance to use your mobile phone around town when driving.

Fair enough if you speed through a 30mph road near a school you deserve to get nicked but there should be room for discussion.

A friend's son was sent to jail for just racing his mate along a stretch of road,unfortunately his friend crashed and died but most young men have at sometime raced someone and to send him to jail just to make him a scape goat,he had no previous covictions and apparently if he had had drink or drug problems would not have gone to jail they would have been given help!What a joke!

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Aug 11

Posts: 437

Just makes me use my mirrors alot more and when overtaking cars, I look for more ariels on them and look through the drivers window as I overtake.

I don't really worry about mobile cameras as I don't tend to speed through villages where not all but most mobile camera vans are situated.

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