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Steve Farrell  says:

Calls for tougher enforcement as minister warns of £90 fine for driving on the phone

Plans to increase fines for using a phone while driving need to be backed up by tougher enforcement, according to the Institute of Advanced Motorists. Fixed penalty fines for a variety of motoring offences will rise from £60 to £90, Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has indicated. The new fine will apply to using a phone while driving, whether to make...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (10 May 2013 10:30)

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Jan 10

Posts: 201

nickyb65 says:

Fine needs to be more..

No way will just a £90 fine be enough for most of the idiots driving cars, they will just take the chance. I see loads of them when riding, I always do 'hand gestures' to them if I see them, especially if parked up at lights etc. I think see me on a bike, with a full-face lid on screaming at them is enough to make them drop the phone:-) The fine should be at least £1000, and 6 points. That would also result in fewer w@ankers driving on the road, make it safer for other motorists and bikers and reduce the co2 emissions. Simples!!

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Nov 08

Posts: 122

rcraven says:

new fines

Pity there are no police officers out there who can imlpliment this new [ lol] piece of legislation.


Once again a good idea that cannot be or will not be implimented..


How many of us on a daily basis see some idiot on the phone.  To Many.

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Aug 02

Posts: 2737

spondonste says:

But they never police this in the first place

My girlfriends best friend was recently killed by a delivery driver on his mobile. He was also driving around a relatively busy housing estate after the time street lights had been switched on but without his headlights switched on. The IAM director is entirely correct in that people don't think they'll ever get caught. It doesn't help either when people are given the loophole of declaring the phones was on their lap so that makes everything ok even if they kill somebody. Driving with hands free kit is yet again something of a let off so that car drivers can live in a cocoon of not paying attention to their driving or other road users.

The government are running scared of the electorate in not demanding the police enforce the ban on driving whilst on the mobile. The significant proportion of people live in a world where it's entirely ok to make a call whilst driving. There definately needs to be a substantial change in cultural attitude to driving with mobiles and only then will the problem be addressed.

I'm severely tempted to just film drivers on mobiles and give the footage to the police so they can prosecute them (I'd do this when I'm a passenger and make sure I get the car reg number in the footage).

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Jan 09

Posts: 95

Rowdygimly says:

Bigger Fines

Agree with nickby65 make it an instant £1000 fine and six points and maybe it,ll start to get through to the muppets in boxes.

Every say I see someone on a mobile phone and no amount of hand signals and shouting through a helmet from me does anything to deter them.

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Sep 09

Posts: 888

Rogerborg says:

Lawd's sake, fix the headline

"Pretty much all 3 point offences to come with a £90 fine, but sod all extra money available for catching actual bad driving, so the vast majority of FPNs and prosecutions will continue to be from easy honeypot collars for the victimless offence of exceeding some daft arbitrary speed limit, in exactly same way that was being complained about in Parliament in 1907 and not a damn thing has changed since then."

Not as catchy but way more accurate.

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Feb 12

Posts: 153

plumber01 says:


I ride in and out of central london every day, and the number of dozy sods on the phone is somewhat scary, i think an easy solution would be, have the police confiscate the phone as evidence, offer to let them collect it after a court appearance , but make it take 2 years to get to court, by which time the phone will be out of date and have been replaced, that way as well as a fine, it will cost you about £400 for a decent phone, and be a real pain in the arse get another sim card with the same number etc , sorted!

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May 04

Posts: 2

tonyfo says:

Mobile phones

There is technology available and waiting to be installed in phones and new cars that would stop you receiving a call or text when the engine is running, so why don't the Government legislate that be installed in all new phones and cars, then the problem would gradually go away. Oh wait, then there would be no more taxes raised through fines.

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Aug 02

Posts: 79

davetrousers says:

So tonyfo, passengers in cars wouldn't be able to use their phones, is that what you're saying?

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Nov 10

Posts: 13

pippawilky says:

Why not crush their phone the police are happy to crush motorcycles for braking the law

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Sep 09

Posts: 888

Rogerborg says:

Plumber, PACE already allows for seizure of anything that might be, or contain, evidence

The problem isn't lack of powers, it's lack of enforcement. McLoughlin and his ilk can talk as tough as they like, but we all know it's just piss and wind.

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