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Steve Farrell  says:

Calls for tougher enforcement as minister warns of £90 fine for driving on the phone

Plans to increase fines for using a phone while driving need to be backed up by tougher enforcement, according to the Institute of Advanced Motorists. Fixed penalty fines for a variety of motoring offences will rise from £60 to £90, Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has indicated. The new fine will apply to using a phone while driving, whether to make...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (10 May 2013 10:30)

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Oct 11

Posts: 14

You can usually spot the mobile phone user a mile off meandering from lane to lane and sudden stopping for no apparent reason,etc,I have seen people texting whilst driving this is total madness as each time you text you have to look down to write the next word you can spot them in slow moving traffic in the morning on the way to work.

People are just not getting the message,oh and bye the way car drivers when you pull up at the side of the road to use your mobile it is only legal if you first turn off your engine!!!!!


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Jun 09

Posts: 12

dartmaster85 says:

guys,dont cry here,in the Netherlands it will cost you a nice 220 euros (186 pounds) !

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Aug 07

Posts: 16

4418geoffg says:

Yes,£1000 fine and six points would do the trick.

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May 08

Posts: 45

mickra says:

You can propose

As big a fine as you like, but without enforcement and due process the amount of the fine ain't worth a light!

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Jul 04

Posts: 2

4444jp says:

Driving experience

I think all road users should pass their test on two wheels before going onto four wheels,it would make them all better road users.

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Oct 05

Posts: 22

arbg92 says:

..Whats the point..!

Is there really any point in this.? Another minister saying empty words. There are too few police out there to enforce this.Everyday I must see at least a dozen people jumping lights, on phones and generally driving like they own the road. Another empty idea from a "clueless" minister...! Oh I forgot..Isn't this the minister who is looking to put the Bike test back on the road and out of a safe Mod 1 site....! As I said..! "Clueless...!"

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Apr 10

Posts: 76

exceledsteve says:

Empower the people

We, the people, see people on phones whilst driving, chucking litter thoughtlessly, letting their dogs shit where we walk and leaving it there, behaving anti socially in countless ways... If we were empowered to do something about it some of us would, then more of us would, then most of us would. Then eventually there would be fewer fuckwits doing stuff that caused annoyance because they'd be caught, by us. The law doesn't help us help ourselves. The Big Society needs sense and reason to prevail but due process prevents it. 

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Apr 12

Posts: 143

69Fastback says:

This is destroying peoples lives!

First offence: 1 week ban & £500 fine. Second offence: Three month ban & £1000 fine. Third offence: Three months on work farm and re-test!

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Feb 09

Posts: 515

Let's face it, most of the cretins who use a mobile while driving don't give a shit about anyone else. They are selfish, locked in their own little world and unlikely to suffer as much injury as bikers / pedestrians etc. if they do have a shunt while on it.

Fines aren't the answer. A ban from driving and a banning order from owning a mobile phone for a year would be more effective perhaps? Paedos get banned from having computers, so why not? It's a crime, so make the penalty more harsh. Or, make these arseholes actually meet the relatives of someone who has been killed or seriously injured by a phone user and see how long the bravado holds up. I hate the poxy things, I really do and the morons who spend their sad, empty little lives on them to satisfy their need to feel important.

Have a good week all, sorry to go on. 


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Nov 05

Posts: 61

offordc says:

I was riding to work a week or so ago & sat at the lights behind an unmarked car, just as the lights changed to green the drivers hand caught my eye, he was holding a mobile to his ear, 100 yards further along the road he turned off & into the Police Headquarters, i made a mental note of his number & was going to phone up to complain but thought it would be a total waste of time as nothing would be done!

If the Police don't even abide by the law why do they think anyone else will, a £90 fine will not deter the majority of people, maybe a phone seizure & crushing law would make them think a bit harder.


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