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HONDA You Ask/You Answer: How can I improve acceleration? CB1000R

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MCN  says:

You Ask/You Answer: How can I improve acceleration?

"I'd like a bit more acceleration from my Honda CB1000R – and I'm not really bothered about top speed (so long as it'll still cruise at 90mph). What's the best way to change the gearing – bigger rear sprocket, or smaller front sprocket, or a mix of both? "Also, will I need a new chain, and will my speedo read incorrectly...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (14 May 2013 09:58)

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May 10

Posts: 102

Bebobobob says:


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Mar 06

Posts: 11


The simplest way is to add teeth to your rear sprocket, by fitting a slightly larger one. I'd leave the front one alone as changing the front affects the engine stresses directly. Let's not go there first. Depending on how much extra acceleration you want and how many teeth your rear sprocket has, an extra 2 teeth should be noticeable without making it silly. if it's not enough, fitl a srocket with 2 more until you're happy. This will not affect your speedo in any way. You may invaildate your insurance by such meddling. It's your gamble as to whether you tell them or not, but if you have an accident, there's a chance they'd not pay out as you'd affected the performance of the bike and not told them. Good luck and ride safe.

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Aug 09

Posts: 2693

MarcusMarsh says:

Faster acceleration

Go on a diet!  :lol:

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Jan 10

Posts: 422

rlf3 says:


You want more acceleration from something that's already outrageously fast?

Cruising at 90?

On a public road?

When are you going to end this rubbish MCN?


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Aug 02

Posts: 3255

eatcs01 says:


Ride it HARD properly. Learn to launch it away form a standstill. Don't change up a gear UNTIL you've reached the redline. Learn how to use the clutch (it's NOT a switch)...


Go on a RWYB day at a drag strip.

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Dec 09

Posts: 2490

supermario says:

Go online and find

 the biggest fireworks rocket you can. Shove it up your bum and light the blue touchpaper while riding your bike (obviously, I mean just imagine how silly you'd look if you didn't) ...hope this helps.

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May 12

Posts: 49

burnthouse says:


Have you changed the exhaust can and or air filter... I have recently fitted a mivv ghibli exhaust to my fz8 fazer after they kindly posted the torque/bhp data on their website. .. I went for the ghibli as it had the greatest torque increase at low revs (needed to get the thing moving) and then a increase of horse power towards mid range. Then I fitted a K&N (best price on Amazon) air filter to increase throttle response. All these little improvements when combined has made a heavy 220kg machine far more lively and all for £310!! 7 torques and 5bhp. The other steps would be suspension and good set of tyres such as Road Pilot 3 or similar... can be pricey and needs to be set up for your body weight... .then a power commander whilst popular do require set up on a dyno for best results so add around £600 if you go this way. As silly as it sounds your body weight does also play an important factor think Dani vs Crutchlow on the moto grid so if your overweight then shedding those pounds may be the cheapest way to improve acceleration.

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Jan 11

Posts: 7646

snev says:


buy a Busa.........

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Apr 11

Posts: 109

bikerpete51 says:

Quicker getaway

Change your rear sprocket, going up a couple of teeth should help, but you'll find the motor will be revving a bit higher and fuel consumption will suffer a bit to..

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Nov 08

Posts: 878


is held back in lower gears on most big Japanese bikes by ignition retard, fly-by-wire throttle programs, or ECU controlled secondary throttles, usually to avoid too frequent spin-ups, power wheelies and high-sided or looped customers.

Basically you don't get what you ask for because their conservative makers think you might not be able to handle it.

So-called TREs might give you a little more by fooling the bike's ECU that it's in a higher gear, so it allows a few more beans, but lowering the gearing WILL give definitely give more thrust than originally intended in every gear.

If you're going down the gearing route visit first.  Changing both may prove best.   You could swap out the stock 44/16 for 43/17 to get 8% lower gearing, same axle position, same length chain, smoother running chain, and improved chain and sprocket life (see same-tooth same-link).  It would mess up your speedo and ODO by 8% too though, as they're based on gearbox output shaft speed.   Added to the built-in over-read the speedo would no longer be legal, but you can fix that with a SpeedoHealer.

Of course you still won't accelerate faster if you have to back off to keep the front wheel down, so lose weight and climb over the bars.

And finally, if getting it up was what you were after then a European model might be more obliging from the off, think Tuono or Speed Triple.

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