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Steve Farrell  says:

No plans for IOM national speed limit

The Manx government has said there are no plans for a national speed limit after a coroner accused it of “putting innocent lives at unacceptable risk”. Coroner of Inquests John Needham said the government had a duty “to protect all people sometimes from risks that they wish to impose upon themselves”.He was speaking at the inquest of a motorcyclist who...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (17 May 2013 14:07)

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Aug 02

Posts: 550


Common sensa has won through ... People need tio live sometimes, glad we don't have more John Needhams out there that's for sure.

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Mar 10

Posts: 30

BigKev86 says:


Colliding with the truck at 60/70 MPH would have been far safer and the biker would have walked away! "putting innocent lives at unnacceptable risk"  the biker knew what he/she was doing and had the good grace to harm only him/herself. Spot on IOM Government ignore the fun police. We all know the main function of speed limits is to raise money through speed cameras anyway.

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Oct 05

Posts: 133

romford4 says:

Coroner of Inquests

John Needham said the government had a duty “to protect all people sometimes from risks that they wish to impose upon themselves”.

FFS... this is utterly pathetic.  Without taking risks, the human race would never have accomplished all those great achievements over the years.  Invention, development of drugs, and air travel to name but three.  All things that have undoubtably benefitted John Needham's life as well as everyone else on the planet.  Without risk takers and people who push the boundaries, we would all still be living in the dark ages.

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Sep 09

Posts: 888

Rogerborg says:

I once reached an indicated 65 in a 60 limit

Of course, I handed myself and my license in at the nearest police station because as we all know, everybody always obeys the posted limit at all times without exception in the UK.

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Fly by night


Sep 07

Posts: 225

Fly by night says:

Close call

If only all govts had the same level of sanity as the manx govt the world would be a lot better.

Well done to the manx govt for not listening to j n for he clearly knows not what he says.

He would have been better off talking about parking issues by the looks of things.

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Dec 10

Posts: 11938

preunit says:


"Everyone's right to life shall be protected by law.” That is the key to Article 2 of the European Convention of Human Rights, ok then.. 

A right to life? a life that's sterile with no hope of excitement, a life bereft of adrenaline, a life so protected by do gooders and red tape, a life mundanely driving a cage while texting friends. The IOM is a place where you can escape the legislated monotony, ride free and unbridled , to make your own decisions (what ever the outcome RIP :upset: ) that is freedom. 

 Hands off the IOM, EU fucktards

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Dec 03

Posts: 28

ninja12 says:

Speed limit

If they did impose a speed limit bike tourism would stop over night and 99% of all the hotels would probably close! Good on you Manx Gov we come over every year so we don't have to worry about speed limits , we ride fast but responsibly , every biker should try the mountain road , best I've ever ridden! See u in September !!

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Feb 10

Posts: 69

yzf07 says:

70 mph

my bike does that in first gear. Good on the Manx Goverment, see u on Mad Sunday.

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walter ego


Sep 02

Posts: 14

walter ego says:

Manx speed limits

Putting innocent lives at risk ......horseshit What about the euro wide smoking and drinking that all the goverments have a rake off from ? The hypocrisy stinks , this man is the token voice of the sycophants who have to be seen to be " doing something " Normally that means target the minority pastimes what will not cost votes while reinforcing the self denial of smokers and drinkers who recklessly disregard themselves and others lives Politically correct today will date ..go home with your wrist wringing platitudes Let the bikers ride , we live more in a week than all the tofu eating , tree hugging ,knit your own yogurt merchants will ever do if they live (exist?) to be 100

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May 09

Posts: 261

JustBe says:


I just travel the natural speed I can, ignore the speed limit....... perfectly safe. I can do 180mph on the Motorway, so I do it and haven't crashed from it once.... yet most my crashes come at 30mph thanx to cagers being fucking blind twats.

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