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steve icbinb


Aug 02

Posts: 36

steve icbinb says:

Just F**in KNEW she'd get away with it

Sorry for  the family of Michael Sharp:

no mention of the witnesses who previously said her driving was crap immediately before the accident..

meantime some punk kid gets jailed for hacking into systems that should be secure??? bloody madness


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  • Posted 339 days ago (21 May 2013 14:04)

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Jun 12

Posts: 3431

calamityjane says:


If the outcome would have been different had it been a motorcycle policeman??

Chances are she will fail her re-test in 3years, a little late but hopefully off the road for good.

Rest in peace Michael

and condolences to his loving wife and family

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Aug 05

Posts: 7483

babyblade41 says:

If she needed an

interpreter how the hell could she adhere to road signs she couldn't understand:shock:

Beggars belief and makes the art of motorcycling  even more of a skill as we have to be mind readers as well:upset:

Poor chap and who's left behind

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Aug 05

Posts: 6625

vulcanrider says:

How ?

how can she take a retest in Britain ? if she needed an interpreter how will she understand the highway code, road signs or instructions from an examiner ? was she a Portuguese licence holder ? my UK licence is valid in Spain and the rest of the EU but I would bet a months pensions it was gained through a higher testing standard than most of the other EU countries. I see EU drivers daily not just Spanish and some of their driving standards are appalling.

Again the low regard for motorcyclists lives is evident in the British justice system, how many more will be killed and the perpetrators get away with it before someone decides there's something wrong with the system.

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Mar 03

Posts: 2867

obewan says:


I can't say anything.

My UK HGV 3 to drive a Bedofrd 4tonne, was converted to an HGV 1 in Cyprus which was valid for an HGV 1 here in the UK.

Likewise when I was at the UN in Cyprus I bought an old bike of the guy I was taking over from, cost a whopping £200, but made me that a month renting it to guys who sat their test in Cyprus. Apparently the test centre bloke watched you ride up the road, and then waited for you to come back up the road after having ridden round the block! Again perfectly valid over here.

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Jul 08

Posts: 4520

ninjachica says:

Road Signs

Road signs are pretty standard throughout the world.  Stop signs and solid lines have the same meaning in most places.

Driving in another country, is completely different to speaking the language to a level where you can understand the goings on in a court.  Yes, she needed an interpreter, but that doesn't mean she didn't know how to drive.  In this case, her driving was below the level expected anywhere and she needed to be punished.

A suspended sentence isn't much of a punishment.  Hopefully, the local police will keep an eye out for her and find a breach of terms, that ends up with her actually serving time.

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Aug 05

Posts: 6625

vulcanrider says:

conversely though obe

I took both my basic driving test and the old HGV2 via the RAF in Cardiff, the basic was during the infamous miners strikes and leckie blackouts when, halfway through most of Cardiff's traffic lights went out --- I passed :smile

Good input Mrs ninja, you're right in saying that internationally give way and stop lines are easily recognisable --- I wish someone would tell the Dutch and Belgians here that  they give way to traffic entering the roundabout in their mother countries and conveniently forget they're in Spain :wacko:

Our two trips to Portugal on the old Vulcan were easy trips in both Spain and Portugal on main roads --- then we went into Portuguese towns ! traffic lanes or road markings mean nothing then, similarly in Albir red lights mean nothing to many Spanish drivers, the junction onto the 332 at McDonalds is a nightmare at busy times, mucho accindente's Senora  :ph43r:

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Jan 11

Posts: 7241

snev says:

A minutes...silence

for a fellow "Biker"............would be in order. .......I think.    

R.I.P. Michael.

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