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MCN  says:

Norton: 'What we learned last year created this bike'

Norton design boss Simon Skinner and his small team of engineers, designers and mechanics sat down the week after the 2012 TT and sifted through notes and reams of computer data to work out what a bike would need for the 2013 TT. The results, seen for the first time in an MCN world exclusive, are an almost completely new bike...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (23 May 2013 13:59)

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Jan 11

Posts: 8637

snev says:

May I suggest

putting a bit of air in the rear tyre........

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Apr 12

Posts: 143

69Fastback says:


Doesn't matter how you dress it up, this bike is an aprilia, a spondon aprilia! Reminds me of the old hookers adage: I can be who ever you want darling! As for the electronics, probably have a better chance with the original APRC. I wish Ian every success though! Good Luck m8!!

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May 08

Posts: 234

SHIVA_ says:

What is Norton?

What is the focus on Norton?  What is this brand supposed to be?

The bikes that you sell, are retro Nortons.  Based on that one would assume that you have brought back Norton with new parts, but cool retro look.

Yet you keep talking and showing images of unrelated sport bikes with off the shelf power plants that resemble nothing to your product line up?

Unless there is some logic in this, as in you are ultimately planning to be a modern sport bike company with new engine designs and such, then I'd say great.

But if your current line up of retro bikes, your product, is your vision for your future, your racing endeavor will simply work against your interest. 

I mentioned this in another thread, learn from Confederate in how to be a niche, but focused moto company.  If you lose your focus, you'll lose your customers and considering your volume as a boutique player, you don't have a surplus of those.

Good luck, S

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Dec 08

Posts: 1301

boybilly1967 says:

I love the Norton road bikes but see this for what it is, a pointless exercise and a waste of money, some of it taxpayer underwritten loans.

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Sep 10

Posts: 1335

SatNavSteve says:

Well, Shiva has beaten me to it again with comments I agree with. The racing bike bears no resemblence to the publics product so to me, its just an expensive jolly. If it was a development of a product we can all buy, that would be impressive, but its not. When the company churns out bikes in an acceptable time at an acceptable price and is making good profits, then other related projects can take place. Good to hear they can build frame parts and ship them in two days, if they can do the same with the rest of the bike, their customers must be feeling more confident.

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Sep 09

Posts: 905

Rogerborg says:

Agreed, SHIVA has nailed it

But since it's past Wine O'clock, I'll add that it's pretty sickening to watch MCN fawn and flatter to deceive, just to get an "exclusive" at Norton Towers. I'm sure Norton's actual paying customers will be delighted to read that the Norton massive have been putting so much time into their TT folly while they wait for the road bike flasher relays to be delivered.

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May 08

Posts: 234

SHIVA_ says:

SatNav, more people need to express this

The more people express such a simple common sense point, the better a chance to hit home the message.  What Norton doesn't realize is that history, new and old, is paved with automotive brands that lose focus. It's quite ironic actually, since their current marque used to be a hot brand too and suffered such.

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Feb 13

Posts: 30

azicat says:

I don't get it. To put this into context, we've just gone through a decade where major Japanese manufacturers have pulled out of factory sponsored racing in order to rationalise their costs. John Bloor and the Hinckley team put in at least 20 years of hard graft before they even entertained the idea of racing - and when they did there was a strong production focus. In the meantime we have this new company with a brand name that could be regarded as "the village bicycle" struggle to deliver production bikes to customers (bikes that have been in development in the public eye since at least 2004), yet buying up funny country houses as factories and pouring effort into racing a frankenbike with dubious return on investment. If this was a publicly traded company I'd be asking some pretty tough questions at the shareholder meetings.

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Jun 09

Posts: 7

multimark says:

Norton What !!

I wholeheartedly agree with all of the foregoing comment and also would add, the additional folly is the sportsbike is a dying breed so why bother. All other manufacturers rely on a diversified product and do well (relatively speaking) with the naked and adventure models. To do anything at all less than waste time and effort at the IOM you need one of the top riders with the biggest balls to start with plus a competitive bike. However, Norton, I suppose are only acting British, we are the ones who failed to see the potential of the brand names we had, on two and four wheels. We failed to develop with the trends and ended up without Mini, Bentley, Lotus etc and the same happened to countless other bike manufacturers.

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Feb 09

Posts: 515

Oh lovely. Another under achieving state sponsored company going off at a blind tangent, with no personal effect on the directors of a company which is in danger of disappearing up its own chuff.

Nice to see where my fucking taxes are going, thanks a bunch.

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