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Matthew Birt  says:

Cal Crutchlow threatens to quit Tech 3 over Espargaro deal

Cal Crutchlow’s frustration with Yamaha’s long-running pursuit of Spanish Moto2 rider Pol Espargaro could see him quit the satellite Monster-backed Tech 3 squad at the end of 2013. The British rider is adamant that his number one option for 2014 is to remain in the French-based Monster Yamaha Tech 3 squad but on a contract direct with Yamaha in Japan. That is...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (30 May 2013 18:28)

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Sep 09

Posts: 63

thejudge says:

fkn spanish

hope crutchlow lands a good ride nxt year, and gets a decent pay packet, but some of the cuntts running that  gp show wont be happy until every works ride, and semi works ride ,is taken by a spanish rider ,

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Jun 09

Posts: 887

aquarius says:


Parochialism & some sort of “faux dopey patriotism” seems to have addled a few brains here. Guys, we know the last 30 years without a Brit Senior Class Race Winner has been hard & frustrating. But that’s no excuse to start getting all silly! Hopefully, Scott redding & Bradley Smith can do the business in the next few years ...

To add some balance, at least we have the sensible observations of “simondick76” who summed matters up quite succinctly. Fact is - Cal Crutchlow still has an alarming propensity to needlessly chuck the entire plot up the road or into the kitty litter. Witness Practice for Le Mans. Tech 3’s Herve Poncharal (with all the telemetry – no "bumps", alibis or excuses there) was so pissed-off with him about it that he would very probably have liked to boiled Cal in oil, or something ... And GP has never, ever been “fair” – another historical fact is – money+sponsorship+“influence”etc have all been perceived as more valuable commodities for essentially non-factory riders to bring to the Team pit box than talent. Even if “perception” is quite far removed from “reality” at times.

Insofar as Crutchlow goes – let’s look @ the cold, hard “stats”: just 3 x Podiums in 38 Senior GP races/starts isn’t anything stunning, is it? Promising or flukey? - when the reality is he’s been up against full fat factory bikes & riders. But they make mistakes too & can fall to the vagaries of luck as well – so, that’s about it. Forget WSS, BSB & everything going before. Senior GP is akin to being a top-level Footballer – you are only as good as your last game. Anything that went before is mere history.

Lest we forget – remember Ben Spies enjoyed the most stunning WSBK debut in history through 2009 & then - when in MotoGP in 2011 won @ Assen & damn-near had a 2nd victory too @ Valencia but was just pipped on the finish line & by Casey Stoner. Barring “breakages” what happened to him overall in 2012 is largely an abiding mystery. Attitude, positivityy & confidence are all attributes that can be detroyed by circumstance ...

If there was a Senior GP Class Headmaster – his end Term Report for Cal Crutchlow would read something like this: ” Boy has potential but needs to try harder & focus more on the task at hand. Should concentrate & listen more, rather than act the clown & talk far too much in class.”


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Jul 08

Posts: 1539

jamieg999 says:

That was pretty fair Aquarius

Although I would say that in the heat of the moment Cal is there or thereabouts and that his errors are as a result of his trying too hard, he'll always be a square proddie peg trying to squeeze into a round GP hole but he's doing ok. The more rounded Smith, Redding and co might be a better long term fit but CC is doing better than most people expected, owt else is just sledging.

I think he's right to voice his opinion and he's right to question Yamaha's thinking as he's currently the man performing on any M1 and this might be his only chance to stake his claim, on the basis that you're only as good as your last race then he is the current no.1 Yamaha rider? Yamaha will mostly ignore him no doubt but possibly let him put his bodywork on Rossi's bike should VR46 have any dramas but they aren't looking at Cal.

If Cal is serious about his chances then the only destination can be Bologna, the Suzuki could be interesting but I think the timescale is wrong if he's to take his one-time opportunity.

I don't think Yamaha should be looking at Espargaro either, he couldn't ultimately beat Marquez when he had the chance and 12 months is long enough that he'll never catch Marquez now. If Marquez does fulfill his promise it'll probably take someone younger and faster to depose him so Yamaha should be looking at Moto3 and not Moto2. Maverick Vinales or Alex Rins looks more like the type of rider that could beat Marquez to me.

Yamaha's big problem is that they will probably struggle to secure and nurture any proper future talent as they have no bike for an up and coming rider to race. If they started now it would still take 2+ years to have a decent platform in either Moto 3 or 2 and they'd still have to get the rules changed for Moto2 to be allowed to compete as a proper factory entry.



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Apr 11

Posts: 1623

ow01fogno1 says:

Not agree

Aqua and Jamie,who is riding harder than cal on that spec machine???? Simple answers nothin boring as let's face it ur last posts are at off topic. Cal deserves more support from everyone and dorna,wrong passport again.

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Jul 11

Posts: 1740

CHRainmaker says:

Suzuki as an option?..

..there's no guarantee they'll even line up on the grid next year. I'm in agreement with the Rev, Ducati would be his best bet..

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Sep 11

Posts: 546

TetsuoSama says:

FIGJAM, please!

I thought last week's moan was epic, but this is a new benchmark in whinging. Classic Cal.

"In all honesty what has Pol done? He beat Marc (Marquez) last year on a bike that was twice as good as Marc’s. Marc’s was a pile compared to that."

In all honesty?  Twice as good?!!!  Da fuq?

The whole rant is one contradiction after another. Funny stuff.

"They have signed Pol as far as I am aware and it is none of my business and I don’t really care ..."

Yes, that sounds reasonable Cal.  And the rest of the sentence?

"... but one thing is for sure that I won’t be riding under Pol in my team. So I will be leaving, that’s clear."

Hahahahah.  WTF?  How is that not caring?  That's absolutely the opposite of not caring - that's caring way too much.

And it goes on and on.

The thing about being a mercenary is that you can't really complain about employer loyalty.  Well, you can, but you just sound like a complete wanker.

C'mon Cal.  Head down, mouth shut, keep beating Rossi, and you'll be fine.

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Jan 09

Posts: 44

MO62 says:

He's morphing into Casey...

Cal's only real issue is that he's in the wrong team at the wrong time in his career sadly. JL & VR are worldwide superstars, sadly for Cal he's certainly not that, his sponsorship value is also sadly lacking for any major manufacturer to put him on a full factory contracted machine simply due to his passport I'm afraid to say. He most certainly won't get a berth at Honda all there bases are covered. Cal has done superbly well but look who he lost out to in the fight for the factory Duke last year, his only sensible option would be to pinch the other ride when Ducati drop NH at the end of the year, if Scotty doesn't grab it first ! Suzuki can't be an option for him career wise, pay packet probably yes, but his manager needs to steer him round that obstacle and see a longer term program, lets hope for his sake he lands the other factory Duke and let his undoubted talent do the "talking" or in Cal's case that'll be "ranting"..... I'll bet poor old Dek & Lucy keep there bloody ear muffs on when Cal's of on one, imagine that all the way home !!!!!

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Sep 11

Posts: 47

sovrec says:

Cal is not Spanish...

Dorna and the various factories aren't as bothered about the UK as they are other European biking nations such as Spain and Italy - unless Cal was a 'Marquez', he'll always be chasing a deal - it's about markets and despite the fact that Cal probably has a top 3 world championship position in him would he beat Marquez or Lorenzo ? - he can beat Pedrosa for sure on a good day. His best bet would be a 2 year deal with Suzuki as its #1 rider - Ducati, maybe in a couple of years time when they've sorted out their donkey.. Tech 3 dropped a bollock signing Bradley - he's sadly crap and with satellite places like that so precious shouldn't be riding around on stablisers - these days you have to be fast out of the box and on your debut, to cut it as credible - unfortunately Brads needs to think about WSB etc - he's not GP material

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Apr 12

Posts: 143

69Fastback says:

Rossi goes to WSB?

Dani and Marc aren't going anywhere, HRC will want to hold on to them for sometime to come. If Rossi wants another world title, he needs to move to WSB. This could then leave the way open for Cal to join factory Yamaha. But he needs to keep his stunning performances up for Yamaha to consider him. A bit hypothetical, I know, but possible?

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Jan 09

Posts: 165

simondick76 says:


with Aquarius in that he has only stood on the podium 3 times, taking into account that Lorenzo had some serious issues with the bike at Le Mans, Rossi fell off and Marques had never ridden in the rain on a GP bike. My whole point is Crutchlow in every single interview I have listened to mentions not having a factory bike and Yamaha should do this,that and the next thing for him!!! Cal does not run Yamaha and I'm sure if we were all honest if you told your employer how to run his business he would quickly get pissed off and and think "Who the fck does this guy think he is?" As I have stated before Crutchlow is and never will be anything special. Do people forget that Dovi kicked his ass last year on the same Tech3 bike??? So if they wouldn't put a third factory Yam on the grid for Dovi then why Cal?? The problem with Cal is that he is that cocky and arrogant that he doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. You don't see Rossi,Lorenzo publicly coming out and mentioning the lack of a seamless gearbox for an example and that Yamaha need to do this and they deserve this do you? Nope that's because they are respectful of the people who pay there wages and realise that they are employees not management and its them that make the decisions not the riders. 3 podiums in 38 races is hardly setting the world on fire is it? It certainly is not a guaranteed golden ticket into a factory team and anyone who says it is are kidding themselves. Even go as far back with Cal to WSB as far as I'm aware I might be wrong he only won 2 races at Silverstone, yet again hardly the stuff of legends is it?? He makes arrogant statements and almost laughable such as at Le Mans post race when he came out with the line "I knew Dovi would crack!!!!" WTF is in that drinks bottle of his? He cracks every fkn weekend at some point or other usually with a big fkn repair bill for Tech3 to go along with it!!!!! Bottom line is Cal shut the fck up your boring now and go and have the courage of your convictions and go race your push bike as you said you would do!!!

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