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Matthew Birt  says:

Valentino Rossi reflects on disastrous first lap exit

Valentino Rossi was fortunate to escape injury after the Italian’s hopes of claiming a home podium in Mugello were ended by a disastrous first lap collision with Spaniard Alvaro Bautista. The factory Yamaha rider was trying to gain lost ground after a sluggish start from seventh on the grid when he collided with Bautista’s Gresini Honda RC213V at just the third...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (03 June 2013 10:13)

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Jul 11

Posts: 968

motoking says:


"But I have also been unlucky. In Le Mans I could do a good race but I made a mistake. Here I didn't make any mistake and I was just unlucky with Alvaro. But my potential is not so bad...."




because as long as my brain goes, bump and mistake has VERY VERY DIFFERENT MEANING!!!!!!!

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Mar 11

Posts: 474


"yes rossi is entertainer. combination of clown, hypocrite and gay."

Yes truly the Libarace of the two wheeled world.

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Apr 11

Posts: 3362

Bultoboy says:


You're doing well to uphold your forum twat theory

He's had one podium, that means he can't race anymore, even though when he's finished, he has always beaten Crutchlow apart from at COTA, when he had the disadvantage of not being a young mindless rider like Marquez, and I'm sure he would have given Cal a good run for his money in Le Mans as well.

Where do you get this shit from? Rossi benefitted from 3 days of testing at COTA, Crutchlow didn't and he hammered him there fair and square, even against that disadvantage - understand that? Crutchlow was the rider with the disadvantage at COTA, not Rossi.

Crutchlow passed him at Le Mans and pulled away, then Rossi binned it pushing too hard, blamed a bump in the track that no-one else noticed, now says he just made a mistake. At that track, Crutchlow beat him fair and square. Just as Rossi beat him at the other two races.

Yoou're either deluded, haven't a clue what you're talking about or are deliberately trolling.

Give it a rest with the Rossi excuses ffs and dismisal of other riders, you're making even Wosi's diatribes sound plausible...

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Jan 13

Posts: 98

Farnarkle says:

Oh, Wosi, how the mighty have fallen

Your faith is touching, though maudlin is perhaps a better term.  Your wee wee hero has precisely zero wins in the last 43 races; hell, even Ben Spies managed a win on the shit pig Yamaha.. 

In his last 43 races, that terrible nemesis Stoner managed to grab 18 wins.  That's a win rate of 41.9% for Stoner vs. 0.0% for Rossi. In his last 43 races Lorenzo managed to win 13 races: 30.2%  Pedrosa managed 14 wins: 32.5%,

Marquez has managed one win in 5 motoGp races: 20%  It took Rossi 9 races to achieve a win in the premier class, even though mounted on a full-factory fat machine with the most successful crew in motoGp supporting him.  By 9 races on a factory motoGp bike, Stoner had 5 wins under his belt, Pedrosa had 2, Lorenzo had 1.

Read it and weep, Wosi.  Rossi WAS great, but times have changed and where people used to laugh with him, now they laugh at him.  Buy the latest T-shirt and cap - retro is SO cool...  



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Aug 02

Posts: 2319

Hedgehog5 says:


"Rossi has been vindicated over Ducati and has shown he can still race a bike."

Vindicated at Ducati?... he has proven he can ride it better than any other rider apart from Stoner. He's proven that he's no more a development rider than any other, stating he has learnt & achieved nothing for his 2 years there. There is nothing to vindicate if you've done nothing. He wasn't to blame for how bad the bike was or how it has developed & pointed the finger squarely at Ducati.

Shown he can still ride a bike?... I should hope so... he's being paid a lot to do it... so far he has shown he's as good in his 1st year back at Yamaha as he was in his 1st year on the Ducati... one podium on each at this stage of the championship & one own fault wet & recovered crash... equal on points up until this round... unfortunately his luck deserted him last round leaving him in a worse position... such is racing. He can still ride a bike... nothing has changed much.

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Jul 08

Posts: 1573

jamieg999 says:

A bit too generous there Hedgey

Does someone want to pull up the Dovi V Rossi stats on the Ducati, I'd guess Dovi is already doing better than Rossi with more to come.

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Jun 10

Posts: 510

weskit says:

my apologies

I absolutely did not intend to sound less whiney. So to summarize, Stoner found a way to compete, albeit a risky one, and kept trying right up until his last race for Ducati. Rossi could not and gave up.

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Apr 13

Posts: 371

Not strictly true that Weskit

Casey "gave up" for a quarter of the 2009 season, he then "gave up" on the Ducati, and finally "gave up" on motogp for all sorts of confusing reasons, one of which was the dumbing down of the technology.

He then went to race saloon cars.


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Jul 12

Posts: 3071

wosihound says:

What a knob..


You're doing well to uphold your forum twat theory"

Hahaha..not as well as you fucko..


Yamaha had 2 days testing at CotA, not 3.

Rossi was disadvantaged in the race by a chunked Brembo disc..which they owned up to.

There were no excuses in France, where Rossi talked of lost chances, making mistakes and throwing away results.


And you have the nerve to accuse others of trolling?

Bellendboy is now leading wosi's Tool of the Week competition by a japs eye from Nobstrokanus. Fark-knuckle, a known strong finisher, is a dark sheep on the rails in 3rd.

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Jan 12

Posts: 1623

doohanfan says:

retaliatory stoner bashing

is understandable DT given the volume of Rossi bashing currently, which  is getting rather tedious, but Ducati in fact gave up on Stoner rather than the other way around, and attitudes to his illness in 2009 such as you are revisiting which were embraced by Ducati management and the Marlboro man are what led to him leaving Ducati and his disillusionment with the sport and consequent ultimate departure. Those who were gleefully gloating about Stoner being "broken" in 2009  imo don't have much in the way of moral high ground in complaining about current denigration of Rossi, although it is obviously even more ridiculous to denigrate Rossi given his achievements, not that Stoner's were at all negligible.

A Marlboro executive failing to acknowledge a health problem? Who would ever have thought it.

I remain amused that they apparently give out medical degrees and qualifications in psychiatry and internal medicine with the Rossi fan badges.

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