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MCN  says:

Race attendance are on the slide – why?

Race attendance are on the slide – why? pollcomment

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  • Posted 2 years ago (04 June 2013 17:55)

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Jan 11

Posts: 651

carloslavado says:

I always go to the Assen Wsbk round, more often than not go to free practice MotoGp on thursday at the Assen as well. No crowds, walking around to 2 or 3 corners. Wen't to BSB as well at Assen last season, wich i must say was great. Plus me and my Dad go to 1 foreign round each year. Been to Valencia ,Imola , Monza ,Portimao , Silverstone and so on. This season we will go to Wsbk at Jerez. We try to see a new track every season, wether it be Wsbk or MotoGp doesn't really matter. We chose Wsbk this year because our countryman Michael van der Mark is doing pretty well in Wss. The kids all we got here in Holland. To go list are Cadwell BSB and northwest200 in Northern Ireland. And Mugello MotoGp. On topic i could recomend WSBK at Monza. Flying to Milan is cheap, rental car is not expensive as you will hardly put extra Miles on it. Campsite next to the track costs almost nothing and tickets to the track are also ok. Plus Monza breathes motor sport.

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Jan 11

Posts: 651

carloslavado says:

By the way if you want to see a lot of corners in 1 spot? Go to Valencia. It's like a stadium. Nice city as well, problem is most championships have been decided when the Valencia round is on.

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Oct 12

Posts: 144

moto4 says:

Hedgehog and Titos are...

Correct. People will only be convinced to go to live events if they are caught up in the whole 'she-bang, understand the context and can be drawn in. With the increasing age of bikers and the ridiculous hurdles put in the way of potential bikers this becomes even more important. By removing all live motorcycle racing and nearly all motorcycle racing of any kind from free to view tv, this situation can only get worse. When the pool of potential spectators is reduced -which they can only do so with said disappearances- attandences can only ever fall. Greed over short term larger payment contracts do not work for things other than football. The biggest worry seems likely to be at what point do we reah critical mass, where there are so few that the whole thing becomes untenable at least in our market. You reap what you sow.

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Aug 11

Posts: 437

Maybe the price in fuel don't help.  Unless it's a track local to you it's gonna cost £50 plus just to get there and back and if your travelling in a coffin then you got all the traffic to deal with in and out the circuit.

I still go regardless but i know others that don't for these reasons.

PS i only go if i'm on my bike apart from when i used to do the full Donnington GP weekend.

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Sep 09

Posts: 406


High cost and "access"

As others here have said, its the high cost of entry and the high cost of fuel to get there and back. It was interesting to see last year at Brno for the MotoGP how the track had dropped its top ticket prices down to $5 (Euro's) to get people into the circuit. Numbers had been dropping so they wanted people to go and enjoy the racing. It was certainly full at that price.

I don't think it would be realistic to drop UK race event prices that low, but a decent reduction would be good. I  wanted to go to MotoGP at Silverstone last year and take my son to see his hero Rossi. But the cost of £45 each to sit on one shitty corner on the track with a massive walk from the car park was not on ! Despite me having major walking issues, Silverstone has a 1st come 1st served policy with limited blue badge parking.So when I asked them how could I/we get to see the racing, their attitude was "tough" in a few more customer service words, because all their blue badge parking was allready booked.

On the other hand when we enjoyed a most brilliant day out at Donnington BSB last year, the circuit could not have been more helpful to get us into the circuit. 10/10 to Donnington for disabled access. I gaurantee we will go to Donnington again.

Another brilliant track for accessibility for disabled people is Santa Pod ! An excellent policy and attitude towards people with problems walking. I cannot commend the Santa Pod team enough for their helpfullness. See you later in June for the Summer Nats !

Mobility problems are an issue for bikers more than most, due to most of us having had a decent "off" at some time? But the don't give a f*** attitude towards people like us who want to attend race events even if it is the shittest corner of the arse end of the track is not acceptable. Silverstone : 0/10

The overall cost is the limiting factor for most people, but a lack of any accessibility is a personal issue for me and no doubt others with problems walking any distance who would otherwise attend. Bikes and injuries and mobility problems go hand in hand, so we need more accessability than other groups.

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Jan 13

Posts: 10

shamarone says:

WHAAH, it costs too much

to that i say BOO HOO...  save your quid.   everybody knows a year IN ADVANCE when their fave round is going off.  the dates rarely change.  if in a year's time, you can't discipline yourself to save well IN EXCESS of what it takes to comfortably attend any round...?  then you probably ought to consider if you have any business trying to attend in the first place...?  end of.

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Apr 13

Posts: 2

bushytale says:

I havnt been to a major event in the UK for several years after being treated like twat along with all the other folk who attended Donnington to watch the Moto gp when I had leave my gas cylinder at the entrance because of fire restrictions, not enough room to pitch my tent, no toilet/washing facility free of piss stained floors and stinking shit, piles of rubbish stacked up every where, a cool box full of food I could not cook and over priced food vendors, as well as too many things including a mile walk to and from my bike to the so called campsite. Oh, did I mention it took over 9 fucking hours just to exit the circiut on top of the 2 hour ride home? All for over 200 hard earned quid pre booked and paid in advance. All I can say is fuck you British circuits and its best to stay at home with cool beer out of the fridge and a nice burger on my comfy couch with the best onboard viewing. HaHa its a no brainer to waste time and money attending. If everyone stayed at home the organisers would have to rethink the strategy and then maybe I would make the trip again.

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Feb 10

Posts: 391


Typical Britain...

Having read some of the comments i have to sympathise, of course, i'm only human and have been insimilar situ's myself.

However, IF, and it's a BIG IF, people would stop, wait, and look around them long enough, they'd see in advance just what the Hell's happening in this world.......It's going to shit!!!

Sorry for the expletive but what else can i say? Greed, greed & selfishness, and i ain't being cycnical or negative.

If people are more concerned with wanting a new car, bike, the BIG 70 inch hologram TV, booking the 3rd holiday of they year, or generally just thinking of themselves, then what can you expect. All the while this is happening, the Government, business and other such factors have moved the ante on, i.e cost of living untenable, right under the nose of the asleep public.

Time for the people to take stock, stand up and demand their rights to live as normal and happy a life as they can, because you only get one crack at it.

If not, then put up with high pices, and poor service because it's going to get worse, not better.......


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