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Steve Farrell  says:

£100 fines for speeding and driving on the phone

Fines for speeding and using a hand-held mobile phone while driving will rise from £60 to £100 under Government plans. Drivers who hog the middle motorway lane or tailgate also face £100 fines with the introduction of a new fixed penalty for careless driving. Transport minister Stephen Hammond said: "Careless drivers are a menace and their negligence puts innocent people's...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (05 June 2013 13:00)

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Feb 09

Posts: 515

What with the cutbacks, you won't get any more Police patrols to enforce these new penalties. It will probably become part of the Highways Agency's remit, as they monitor the motorway cameras and they have more officers on the main roads than the Old Bill, who are busy in the towns. Or, that's how it seems to me, I can't recall the last time I saw a jam sandwich on a motorway where I live. I'm all for punishing these ignorant chuffrats who can't drive without gobbing off on a phone or holding everyone else up while exercising their membership of CLOC -

Centre Lane Owners Club.

It's a very big club........

By the way, to whoever stole my trainers while I was on the bouncy castle at the weekend - f"cking grow up!


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Jan 12

Posts: 4

Mclovin says:

Most herberts who drive, while on the blower aren't as bothered about fines as they are about the points, I can't see it working anyway, like so many of us on here you don't see traffic plod until there is a bike meet. it won't be enforced as there's no one on the road to enforce it.

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Oct 09

Posts: 39

Vortex52 says:


They have done a good brain wash service on you! LOL

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Sep 10

Posts: 1300

SatNavSteve says:

If the police make the effort to get some patrol cars out to enforce these rules, theres more than enough idiots out there on the phone or sitting in the middle lane, or both, to pay for more police and cars to catch these people. If what I see is anything to go by, a policeman doing this job will run out of paperwork by mid day. Stop the wasted money on speed cameras and spend it on more patrols!

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Sep 09

Posts: 868

Rogerborg says:

"Maybe they should make it legal to undertake?"

It's not illegal now.  There's no specific offence committed by doing it, any more than there is for not returning to the left after overtaking.  For that matter, there's actually no offence of driving indefinitely along the right hand side of a single carriageway road (road markings permitting).

All of these are "should" recommendations in the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions (et al) and the Highway Code.

They can be prosecuted as "driving without due care and attention or consideration".  They very rarely are though, and once again for luck: there is nothing in this announcement that says or implies that any new offences are being created.

Heck, coppers rarely prosecute for carelss and inconsiderate even after bad driving has actually resulted in a collision.

If you believe that this is about anything more than raising Speed Tax revenues, well OK, and I promise I'll only put the tip in.

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may c


Aug 02

Posts: 171

may c says:

mobile use

100 pound fine is still to low it should double every time ive said before in here if kids are in the car 200 pound fine doubling again.if caught a third time 3 month ban.if caught doing it in a high street automatic i month ban ban.oh plus an extra point every time again.hate the selfish pratts

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Oct 11

Posts: 2385

Piglet2010 says:

No to Fines

There should be no fines for mobile phone use or tailgating while driving - capital punishment is more appropriate.

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Sep 10

Posts: 1300

SatNavSteve says:

Yeh, hanging for a first offence!!

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Feb 09

Posts: 82

brevav2 says:

More Austerity From The Crooks In Government

What these new penalties represent are yet more Austerity measures by this puppet government, the continued bailing out of the corrupt banking system, by fleecing yet money from the good people of this country, As with all other fines, speeding etc, it has nothing to do with safety, but purely raising revenue, the police are mere agents or officers of the corporation to raise funds via indirect taxation, if you want more of the same folks, then keep voting for the One Party System, the LIB LAB CON    If you want change then stop blindly following convention and be the change you want to see.

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