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MCN  says:

Google Glass coming to motorcycle helmets?

Next year’s defining new-tech moment is sure to be the public release of Google’s first ‘wearable’ technology, Google Glass. You’re probably already aware of the idea: a tiny heads-up display fitted to a frame that looks like a pair of lens-less glasses. With its own built in camera, computer and a Bluetooth link to your mobile phone, the technology promises to...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (05 June 2013 15:54)

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Sep 10

Posts: 70

RICHARD545 says:


There are obviously going to be issues with being distracted from the road (like riding along whilst reading  MCN , hey how cool) and all that, but imagine racing your favourite track and having info, or even an image of the next bend / straight in your HUD.

I've just returned from the Nuburgring and that would have been very handy indeed !

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Jan 13

Posts: 26

js70062 says:

yes but

I've wanted a decent HUD for a long time. All I want is current speed (in red if I'm over the limit) and also distance to next turn and direction if I'm using GPS.

However if I'm doing 60 down a twisty A-road, I don't want to have to throw my focus to an icon appearing 2" off the end of my nose, I want to be looking at the limit point of the next corner. Google need to make sure the info is in focus where I'm looking. And it'd be nice if it worked at night/low light. Solve those problems and they can have my money.


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Feb 11

Posts: 5

BFG50 says:


Heads up displays have been around for decades. This is just a very slightly different - and much more expensive - way of implementing them. Fair enough the new method will allow them on helmets as well, but high end cars have had them for a long, long time. Pretty much every 'new innovation' that's coming along isn't new at all - it's just marketed much better and lots of people then jump on the bandwagon to create more 'toys', none of which are anywhere near as useful or essential as the marketeers would have you believe.

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Aug 02

Posts: 173

sack1 says:

Love the tech, hate the thought of the dangers that can arise. As mentioned, too many drivers are distracted as it is. Now lets use a medium that can present it discreetly so that no one actually knows they're distracted!

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Feb 09

Posts: 294

bryfor59 says:

google glass

Scary thought!!!!!!! Its bad enough just now with phone and gps users without something else to distract them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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Dec 12

Posts: 1437

Diablere says:



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Feb 05

Posts: 28

rjdjones says:

yes please

I'm looking forward to it. With things like potholes and idiot cage drivers I'd rather be watching the road than having to look down to check speed or satnav directions. I'd also add a camera system linked to the display so instead of having to do a lifesaver and miss what's happening in front of me I can just, for example, give a voice command so I can take a quick look behind me. If you don't want it - don't buy it.

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Aug 02

Posts: 101

hondagixer says:


pedo glasses coming to a playground or school near you.

we dont need this crap.

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Dec 10

Posts: 2

Invention - Vs - Innovation

BFG50, I couldn't agree more with you - fighter pilots have had HUDs for decades. There is a difference between invention and innovation though. The technology has been invented, but is currently being used in a narrow spectrum of real world applications. The Google Glass (whilst I'm no tech expert myself) is an "innovative" bundling together of lots of existing technologies to present something that's technically quite removed from it's roots. I'd welcome GPS speed info projected into helmet. Sat Nav directions would be useful. Rear view camera projection anyone? Blind spot information detail? Do you reckon they could connect me to that Jarvis guy (you know, the computer) from Ironman? I guess, what I'm saying is that I think this sort of technology (caveat: if applied responsibly, and intelligently) is very cool indeed. My two penneth anyway.

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Aug 02

Posts: 980

ANichol says:


If you want to suriptitiously film people the technology has existed for decades.

If you wanna play angry birds, shave, apply make-up, read, do anything other than watch where you're driving the ability has existed with no real chance of getting caught until the pile up since the advent of the newspaper.

I'm no technophile for the latest and greatest, but I see far more possibilities than threats for bikers with this. How about a feature thathighlights any moving object the device thinks the driver hasn't attunded to? SMIDSY? Not any more.

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