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Matthew Birt  says:

Honda happy with new production bike performance

Honda says the performance of its new production RC213V machine that will be raced in MotoGP next season is better than anticipated after its first shakedown test in Japan recently.The new bike is being rolled out as a cheaper alternative to a full prototype RC213V machine for 2014 and was put through its paces by development rider Kousuke Akiyoshi at...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (10 June 2013 11:49)

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Jul 12

Posts: 3024

wosihound says:

Two simple Orange Lemons..

What you should be asking yourself why Suzuki and Kawasaki left in the first place?

Why are other Manufacturers hesitant to join the series? Why is it 7 years since a non-works bike won a race? Why are there realistically only 4 bikes capable of winning now? Why lease instead of buy? Why don't we see last years bikes on the track in the hands of privateers?..The list goes on.

You say it's great there'll be 10 Honda's on the grid next year?

I say they're already over represented with half the grid in Moto3 and all the engines in Moto2.

Where would we be without them you bleat?

Well that's exactly what they be indispensable. They leave, Carmelo doesn't have a World Championship.

They don't want competition and aren't interested in the spectacle.

Trickle down technology and safety at the expense of sport? I call bullshit.

World domination and an insidiously creeping should understand that living in Germany.'re such a fkin lightweight. Time to do some more homework you Yes Man.

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Sep 10

Posts: 829

CBR11X says:

Wosi. Honda have adapted to the changes put in place over the years. They don't make the rules. All the measures DORNA have brought in to make the series more 'competitive' and 'cheaper' have all backfired. The six engine/21L rules have made a $40,000 engine cost half a million dollars. If they (DORNA) had any foresight they would have banned a whole bunch of electronics years ago and put in place regs that specify sequential gearboxes only etc. The list is long. I also have to agree with Bulto, did you complain back in 2003? I think maybe you're looking to excuse an under-performing goat. There's nothing wrong with the Yamaha, and it isn't a cheap bike either. If they want to attract more manufacturers, they will have to look at making the series cheaper by allowing more fuel in the tanks, conventional sequential gears and standard ECUs IMO.

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Jul 12

Posts: 3024

wosihound says:

You're wrong Pal..

The MSMA led by Honda did make the technical rules from 2002-2012.

They wanted all the shit you just hung on Dorna..Go and sit at the back of the class with Bulto.

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Mar 09

Posts: 5132

Nostrodamus says:

The MSMA was a vote apiece

Honda was no more powerful than any of the others and could not act unilaterally.

Why this irrational hatred of Honda Wosi? Did the Benly flick you over the top on a greasy road once? Was the humiliation of being out dragged by standard noramlly aspirated 400's on your CX650 Turbo too much for you?

If Honda don't want competition or a spectacle just why are they producing these lower spec RCV proddie racers?

I really cannot see how you as a supposed race fan can deny a manufacturer the legitimate case of racing improving the breed as a justification for the immense expense of racing.

Do you have any point at all Wosi? Or is just as Super Black Bird man says - scapegoating for your underperforming goat?

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Mar 13

Posts: 125

glm7354 says:

It will be very intresting to see DP and MM and SB ride the new RC in the first test of the machine for two hours and see their lap times.

Can Honda do this to see everybody what they can buy?

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Feb 13

Posts: 1255

AlexDAbomB69 says:


in a way your all right. Do we want 10 hondas and 4 yamahas? Is the yamaha lease engine going to be a full factory top spec engine? Honda did get the rookie rule changed to get MM on the factory bike. Factory bikes shouldn't have it all their own way, I just pray that Kalex make a chassis to go with that Yam engine that could give the series the kick up the arse it needs.

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Apr 13

Posts: 371

Balls again CBRXX

If they (DORNA) had any foresight they would have banned a whole bunch of electronics years ago

Dorna just tried to change the electronics, but guess who said they'd take their ball and go home if it happened?

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Jul 12

Posts: 3024

wosihound says:

You seem a little slow on the uptake today Big Brain?

Trying a little too hard to defend the indefensible?

Tell us about the rigged voting and lies Honda told, trying to pull the wool over The Grand Prix Commission's eyes about the weight limit increase, on the only occasion - apparently - the MSMA were not unanimous and couldn't use their veto to get rid of proposals the other three members wanted implementing?

Honda making proddy racers - a blueprint for WSBK domination no doubt - with a target performance of minus 5% to their factory RCV, is no threat or competition to anyone let alone themselves..and it certainly won't enhance a sporting spectacle, which Nakamoto has said he's not interested in.

I don't believe that fuel limited racing is legitimate. To make 20 litres last a race with electronics that barely manage this by chopping power at the throttle is sacrilege..corner by corner mapping strategies are race specific and will never see the light of day on street bikes. It is simply a way of discouraging other manufacturers from entering because they know they cannot match the money, manpower, reams of data and knowledge HRC have in this area and needed to have the slightest sniff of being competitive.

Then there's the 5 engines per year rule, which is a whole different ball game again and yet another mammoth technical hurdle to overcome for new factories considering entry. 

Why would you bother spending millions to make yourselves look amateurs? Legitimate my hairy fkin arse.

The MSMA, with HRC at the helm, have fabricated rules to protect themselves from competition. Name me another sport where the participants make the rules up as they go along?

My points, which you've avoided tackling as usual, are listed in my second post on this thread softlad..or was that a bit too subtle for you?

Anything for the Orange cause eh?..including making yourself look a complete numpty it seems. 

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Jan 12

Posts: 1575

doohanfan says:

I think

most of what you say about the MSMA is true Wosi, except that it is a duopoly rather than a monopoly and Yamaha share the blame. I can see some sort of argument for seeking performance with better fuel economy as a desirable theoretical developmental end, but it is basically incompatible with bike racing as you say. I also agree that having such specialised technology is a barrier to other factories entering, and BMW for one have publically stated this.

I am surprised though given your philosophical stance that you weren't happier about Ducati winning a world championship.

I also don't think Dorna can be absolved of all blame, the tyre changes which were down to them seem to be what have most screwed Ducati, and before them Suzuki and Kawasaki. Whether or not Ducati voted initially against the weight change in 2012 initially or changed their mind/had their mind changed afterwards, I still think it was ridiculous and unprofessional for Dorna to seek to change such a thing at such a late time after a year's development under previously promulgated regulations, particularly when they profess to be conscious about saving costs.  


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Jul 12

Posts: 3024

wosihound says:

Pass us a Strongbow..?

I accept that the MSMA has three members, but to think they all have equal clout is naive.

If Honda walk, as they've threatened, MotoGP would struggle to retain a WC status..across all three classes. Yamaha & Ducati have nowhere near HRC's influence. They're not involved in the smaller categories at all..but they are all culpable. DORNA too..for being stupid enough to allow them a free rein to make the rules, in exchange for bikes on the grid at sensible money. Something that never happened.

My beef with Honda is their disregard and outright disdain for the SPORT. It's NOT their private club and test facility.

Their arrogant and bombastic attitude makes me SEEEeeth..and if I ever see that Nakamoto walking down our street, I'll slap him so hard with a pair of Nostro's piss-stained Orange pants straight in the kipper, he'll think he's auditioning for Tom & Jerry cartoons.

Fuck them and fuck you..I'm off to set fire to me Blade.

That'll learn 'em to upset ol wosi..pack of bastards.  

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