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Steve Farrell  says:

Staff blog: In defence of the Burgman, pt 1

I’m experiencing mild frustration at some of the preconceptions I’ve encountered about the Burgman. If you’ve read my replies to reader comments under my previous blog entries, you may have detected a hint of defensiveness.   Although I’m really enjoying using the Burgman, for example, people keep telling me to get rid of it. So far five reader comments have recommended this...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (13 June 2013 10:56)

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Mar 07

Posts: 3215

Boult says:

Had a look

at one of these last weekend - just out of curiosity like.... How is it to wield around? Look pretty big in the flesh! Also, how does it measure up against the BMW scooter?

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Sep 12

Posts: 206

domster says:


Just because some "bikers" are scared of the word scooter why be defensive towards them? I've ridden over 700k mls on conventional bikes of all types and over 200k mls on maxiscoots of all sizes. Maxis are by far the most versatile PTWs for road use end of!

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Jan 05

Posts: 162

nigel100 says:

sneer no more

having raced bikes in my youth and owned sports bikes , and still do i had a friend buy a yamaha tmax or whatever it is called, at any rate it is a scooter like the burgman. I have to say i was more than pleasantly surprised at the quality of the ride and the practicality as was SWMBO the rear seat after a sports bike was borrdering on luxurious. If I was in the situation that i was years ago, having to commute for 90 minutes each and every day to get to work in london there would be no contest, the performance is more than adequate, ok it wont win many A road Battles but they do go some in fact here in France on the open roads the average sportsbike rider will have to pull out the stops to get past a well ridden scoot. and the effectively automatic gearbox , weather protection, and storage facility just would make it a no brainer. I for one no longer look down my nose at them and sneer

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Jan 10

Posts: 427

rlf3 says:

The big secret

What most  so-called "bikers" fail to realise is that a scooter is a type of motorcycle.

Two wheels, engine leans in corners.

That my chums is a motorcycle.

The modern scooter is a step above the conventional motorbike in the evolutionary ladder.

For practical road use the scooter is king.


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Aug 10

Posts: 26

Krisrexter says:

At my last trade in I narrowed it down to a 07 Peugeot Satelis 250 or a 62 Honda crf250l there was a difference of £1400 in purchase price. The decider was that while the scooter was more economical on fuel the Honda has much longer service intervals and I do a minimum 1200 miles a month all year round. The fact it was still snowing in march probably helped sway me a little. Used to steal my wife's 125 scoot when my bikes were getting services and loved drafting trucks on the motorway. I do still get puzzled looks when I tell people I chose a 250. But if I wasn't using it as transport I probably would have bought the touno with 10k for £3000. But people who ride tend to just get on and ride. Nothing wrong with weekend warriors or fair weather riders ( they supply the good condition second hand bikes I tend to buy) just don't look down on me because my bike is dirty, has a hint of practicality or frugalness.

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Sep 09

Posts: 886

Rogerborg says:

I'll explain why price is key

Because I believe that most of us work our way up from older, cheaper bikes towards newer ones as we commit to a particular marque or style, and are prepared to pay more for a nicer example.

There's an obvious exception for passion purchases of "as seen on TV" lifestyle bikes, but I don't imagine that applies to scooters. When a new Burgman 650 Executive is pushing £9k, it's only going to sell to the resolute scooterati.

If I could find a cheap-as-chips Burgman 400 or similar within an easy trip of me, I might go and kick its tyres, maybe even ride away on it, and concievably turn to the twist-and-go side.  But there just aren't that many around, and they don't go cheaply compared to comparable motorcycles.

If manufacturers want to build a pool of maxi-scooterists in the UK then they might have to price dump for a few years just to get a pool of used vehicles out there in order to create potential purchasers for new ones.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8079

snev says:


Did this your carpark...involve any of the other bikes? and do they not... also have Folding mirrors? Just a bit more.... "Progressive Thinking"...PS...I have been Buying MCN since 1978....Pretty much got every copy....just saying.

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Sep 08

Posts: 498

people can ride whatever makes them happy, i think the most important thing is they enjoy themselves, why should you care what other people choose to ride

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Jan 10

Posts: 427

rlf3 says:

@ Rogerborg

Rogerborg said: "they don't go cheaply compared to comparable motorcycles"

Thing is there simply aren't any comparable motorcycles.

Take for example a used 2009 Burgman 400.

£3500 gets you fully faired luxury with massive on-board storage capacity, auto gearbox, ability to cruise two up with luggage well in excess of the speed limit, 75mpg, ABS and very low maintenance requirements, so easy to do yourself.

What 2009 bike gives you all of that for £3500...?

If you look from a different perspective you'll see that used maxi-scooters give you so much more that is genuinely useful than a conventional motorbike does.

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Mar 09

Posts: 743

bikerbit says:

hate scooters unless a nice looking girls on them

never liked scooters and never will as they ar usualy more expensive than there comparable motorbike well at least there 4-600 range they are slower. On most there tyres are to small but the biggest gripe I have with them is I find them uncomfortable maybe I am use to haveing a tank or a bike between my knees but mostly I have never met a decent scooter rider in my life And to point something out to the writer of this article if you are rideing with yrou mirrors tucked in you can and will get stoped by police although you dont need mirrors on a bike if it has them they must be in operational use at all times while on the road same as a great many things on vechials if its there then must be used so comparing it to other bikes or scooters width with yoru mirrors tucked in does work especialy when alot of police are out and about

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