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Matthew Birt  says:

Ducati urged to try radical revamp of Desmosedici

Ducati has been urged to consider a radical revamp of its factory Desmosedici MotoGP contender after Andrea Dovizioso and Nicky Hayden were left completely underwhelmed by a latest test on the Bologna factory’s experimental ‘lab’ bike in Mugello recently. The revised Desmosedici offers barely any improvement on the current GP13 that Dovizioso and Hayden are racing in MotoGP and once again...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (13 June 2013 18:09)

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Jun 11

Posts: 2569

PaceyCasey says:

The good news....

.............seem's to be that  it's more likely than ever that we'll see a completely new Ducati next season. Bring it on.

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Jul 08

Posts: 185

BMEP says:

Ducati fix? Easy!

Move the central rotating mass (crankshaft) forward to near where the Honda crank is (assuming they would like to keep a V4 arrangement) and shorten the wheel base. This would of course mean a completely different engine design which may not suit Ducati's way of thinking.

Think about it, Ducati have always had the fastest engine since the 990s right up to now, they are still the fastest, it is the best. So, why should they get rid of the best? The answer as always is that they are not allowed to use the sensible, very easy fix – use Ducati tyres, after all you know that the Honda & Yam tyres work quite well on Hondas & Yams don't they, if Honda/Yam were forced to use Ducati tyres they would be running in 10th. The problem lies with politics and behind the scenes dirty deals.

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Jan 11

Posts: 661

carloslavado says:

It looks so long. The wheelbase i mean. Jus't sitting in the pit box, the Ducati MotoGp bike looks like it loves to go verry fast in a straight line. And hates to steer into a corner. Could be perspective of course, but the RCV and M1 look so much more nimble standing still. If the Ducati has a shorter wheelbase than the Jap bikes and they still run out of corners? Then Damn they have big problems. After all the trellis frame Ducs in Superbikes were verry stable in fast bends, but hard to throw around a tight chicane. I read an interview with Carlos Checa where he said the Panigale is very nimble but is all over the place in fast corners. It's a fine line and i hope Ducati finds it in both Moto GP and WSBk. At least they are trying!

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Sep 10

Posts: 7

leeroy0775 says:

Oh if it wouldn't be so bloody sunny / warm ! Works well in the wet , good motor, good speed ,bucking stag going around corners . Exaggerated/compounded in dry . Electronics?? Similar to pata Honda of j rea

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Jun 09

Posts: 887

aquarius says:


Is MCN really where one finds the sport’s greatest concentration of onanistic trivia & hopelessly mistaken and/or cyclopean opinion masquerading as fact? Or is that the exclusive preserve of David Emmett over @ Moto Matters? Let’s examine & ponder on a few quotes from contemporary philosophers to help explain this phenomenon:-

“One of the most salient features of our culture is that there is so much bullshit.”

“In the beginning there was nothing, and it has been getting steadily worse ever since.”

“Imagine a dog idling in the foreground, a tree in the middle distance, and a turnip lying on the ground behind the tree.”

“We know a lot. I know what food penguins eat. I know that phones used to ring, but nowadays squeal, when someone calls up. I know that Essendon won the 1993 Grand Prix. I know that here is a hand, and here is another.”

“To talk about thinking seems to me so presumptuous that I feel I owe you a justification.”

“Meta-ontology is the new black.”

“I offer here an account of the nature of faith, making no pretense to originality. The suggestion that two inebriated zebras once stood on their rear hooves, joined their front hooves, and sang Dixie, thereby creating Heaven and Earth, is original. When originality is a view’s only virtue, that view has virtues numbering less than one.”

“Once upon a time, in some out of the way corner of that universe which is dispersed into numberless twinkling solar systems, there was a star upon which clever beasts invented knowing. That was the most arrogant and mendacious minute of ‘world history’, but nevertheless, it was only a minute. After nature had drawn a few breaths, the star cooled and congealed, and the clever beasts had to die.”

I hope that helped & puts matters into some sort of perspective 4 U - especially the few misanthropes ...


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Sep 11

Posts: 546

TetsuoSama says:

MCN University

MOOCs for the real world.

Engineering 101
Prerequisite: Self-labotomy 101
Required reading: Cliff's Notes for The Da Vinci Code
Assessment: "The Homer: A Performance Appraisal"
Final Exam: "Fixing the Ducati in 7 paragraphs or less"

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May 09

Posts: 894

CH987 says:


So Bridgestone, a Japanese Tyre company are going to build Tyres that suit Ducati an Italian Bike manufacturer.

  In the early days the Bridgestones worked with the Ducati because they were the only ones using them. As more teams came on board, and then the one make tyre rule, more input from more teams meant the tyres moved away from what Ducati want. This is the problem with one make tyre rules, be it motogp ,wsbk or F1. It's become a competition to see who can make the tyres work the best.  

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Feb 06

Posts: 77

gaziskwakers says:

In brief

to summerize, so you don't have to scroll down and read this drivel ( i did, bored on a saturday morning, so sue me) 1) The Ducati is S**T, but thats bridgestones fault 2) The Ducati is S**T, but thats Rossi and Burgess fault 3) The Ducati is S**T, but thats Stoners fault 4) The Ducati is S**T, but thats Dovis fault Oh and most important point that is clear to anyone on here 5) You can have an opinion but it must match Bobs/Aquarius/Tetsuo or you will get insulted. Ahhh children at play. Going to bikesport news now, the news is newer, accurate and there is no forum..

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Jan 13

Posts: 163

RevNutz says:


It looks better but fact is Rossi wasn't fighting with CRT's last season. What's going to happen to Ducati in 5 years or so when BMW, Suzuki and (unbelievably) Mahindra come into the top class, how long will they last?!? Scott Redding on a Ducati... waste of talent, how come Marquez gets a factory Honda when the best Redding can get is a satellite Ducati. He deserves a Honda, Cecchinello's been talking about having two bikes on the grid next season.

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