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MCN  says:

Best bikes for under £5k: 2008-2009 Triumph Bonneville

What was it like then?The return of Triumph’s most famous name was the one everyone was waiting for from the revived Hinckley marque. And when the all-new ‘Bonnie’ was unveiled at the 2000 Cologne Show, it certainly didn’t disappoint. This time round, however, the twin was designed as a gentle, charismatic, pleasing ‘retro roadster’ rather than being the performance bike the...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (20 June 2013 11:02)

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May 09

Posts: 269

JustBe says:


I have no idea why people still want to ride these bikes, they're just under performing, poor handling relics. If they were £500 I'd understand, they'd be for people who cannot afford a modern bike. Just get something good like a GSXR 750...

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Apr 10

Posts: 109

FellRaven says:


JustBe - I guess everyone wants to think they are Marlon Brando or Steve McQueen. But it isn't always about speed otherwise Cruisers, Tourers and Adventure bikes wouldn't exist.

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Oct 09

Posts: 39

Vortex52 says:

No thanks!

With a dated look like that I'd rather by a bicycle!

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Sep 09

Posts: 897

Rogerborg says:

Decent bikes for UK roads, JustBe

I have no idea why people ride GXR750s.  Far more performance than you can use on a public road (and I'm not even talking legally), chews through tyres, makes you look like you're trying to outrun your mid life crisis.  If you want to talk relics, it's supersports that are well on the way to becoming a footnote in history.

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Jul 04

Posts: 20


I have an '09 SE Bonny with a few extra's and after riding a Daytona 955i , it has slowed me a little - on the straights anyway! I was out for a ride last night with my chum on his BlackBird and yes out of the corners and onto the straights, there's no comparisons to BHP.

BUT, and here's the BUT, if we all rode the same bike then we'd be clones, we all ride different bikes, differents ages of said bikes, and you know what....? We all love the freedoom of what we ride - it sincerely doesnt matter what it is, as long as you get some form of buzz out of it, and for me......... that last look over your shoulder when you've put the bike in the what its about.

Dont knock the Bonnie

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Feb 12

Posts: 161

plumber01 says:


As a kid I really wanted one of these ( old 70's ones) when they were current, and ocasionally I borrowed a mates and thought it fantastic. 20+ years on I had a new Sprint, and borrowed a "new" Bonnie during a service, and guess what, it was shite, brakes poor, pegs scapped on roundabouts, no power, I was really disappointed , rose tinted specs or what. I spoke to one of the boys at the shop and he kind of agreed, if you try and ride it like a quickish sports tourer you may be disappaointed. However I had another loaner booked for the next service, and I was given the keys to another Bonnie ( I wasnt looking forward to it), the bloke in the shop told me to just slow down 10% and enjoy it, the sun was shining and it was really great , if flushed, or even as Im getting older I would certainly consider one for sunny days and just chilling out on, it just makes you feel good!

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Sep 10

Posts: 1323

SatNavSteve says:

My missus has had her T100 Bonnie for 6 years now  from new and can't think of anything that would replace it (except another!). She's ridden it through 4 countries with camping gear with me and its been utterly reliable. That's a lot more than a lot of these race replica GSXRs, CBRs, ZXs etc will ever go. I look at some of the mileages of bikes for sale in MCN and its laughable how far they have been. Her Bonnie has only done 16,000 miles but she has been laid up with two operations in the last two years so it would probably be over 20k otherwise. Too many people think biking is all about how fast you can get to the local bike meet, then sit there talking and looking at other bikes all day. There's a whole world out there waiting to be ridden!. I like to ride it myself and will consider one when I sell the Tiger. Its a bike for real world riding.

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Jul 11

Posts: 27

fevs says:


The bonnie is a good looking bike! And as plumber says, needs to be riden a different way (not like a rocket ship).


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Feb 13

Posts: 30

azicat says:

I've never seen a used Bonneville advertised for less than AUD$8000 in Australia, even ratty first generation ones. They seem to hold on to their value like limpets here.

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Oct 11

Posts: 2635

Piglet2010 says:


I just traded in my 2006 CBR600F4i for a 2013 Bonnie, and there is no comparison - anywhere but the race track I would rather ride the Bonnie.  No more stiff neck, I can actually keep track of traffic around me, and no "pet lion in an apartment feeling".  And much easier to ride in traffic with the torquey twin - I think the Bonnie would even beat the F4i in a 200-foot drag race.


A few quirks - what's up the side ignition key mount and different keyed steering lock, "choke" knob on a fuel-injected bike, non-locking fuel cap, and difficult to use center-stand?   But these are niggles on a bike that makes the rider feel happy and contented.


I ♥ my Bonnie.

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