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Matthew Birt  says:

Fuel efficiency key challenge for Suzuki

Fuel consumption for the new 20-litre fuel tank limit will be one of the biggest challenges facing Suzuki as it develops a new 1000cc factory prototype machine in readiness for a MotoGP return in 2015. The new bike impressed in back-to-back test sessions in Catalunya and Motorland Aragon last week but the machine Randy de Puniet is currently evaluating will no...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (24 June 2013 12:07)

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Mar 13

Posts: 130

AussieInSUI says:

welcome back...maybe

I'll believe it when the lights go out in 2015. Three years without data is going to hurt them. Could take untill 2017 for them to make the podium, in the dry.

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Jan 11

Posts: 300

yzrm1 says:

F*ck the 20 litres

it ads nothing extra.! it harder to get back. 22 - 24 litres is more than welcom for all teams!

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Jul 09

Posts: 103

easytargets says:

regulation strangulation

Yet another great demo of how over-regulation is strangling the sport. If you can build it and it's safe you should be allowed to run it. We need engineering competition just as much as rider competition, stop the Nanny state bollocks

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Jun 10

Posts: 288

bluehaze60 says:

Constant rule changes

Suzuki wil be back in 2015, as for this constant rule changing,it's all b...oks.why can't dorna just leave the rules as they are,then the racing will close up as everyone works out the development.thats why kawasaki & Suzuki pulled out in the 1st place. Dorna talk of cost cutting & in the same breath lets tell the manufacturers that they can use 5 sealed engines for 18 races, which means the manufacturers then have to spend money to develop more reliable engines, then you can only use dorna,s approved electronics , more money for development & then let's introduce a 20 litre rule, more money for development.& this is without what dorna have done since 2001,ie 990,s to 800,s & then back to 1000,s,& the latest 1000,s haven't anything in common with the original 990 designs. Dorna just leave the rules alone for at least 5 years & then maybe you might just get other manufacturers to participate..

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Jul 12

Posts: 3189

wosihound says:

Fucks sake..

How many times does it have to be said..It is The MSMA - the manufacturers and primarily HONDA - who have asked for ALL these rules you just laid the blame at Dorna?

HRC are NOT interested in having OTHER manufacturers competing with them on a playing field that..

1. Is cheaper, because they have more money.

2. Doesn't involve technology they lead the way on.

If Yamaha lose the title this year because they have to take more than 5 engines and start from pitlane..Honda will be over the moon.

It will prove, in their eyes, that the bikes they build are stronger and more fuel efficient and outside of GP, believe that will translate to sales.

Racing GP bikes should not be about saving fuel or running engines for 2000kms. It should be about the best riders taming beasts that have way more power than grip and using skill to do it.

You are not going to get the likes of BMW, Kawasaki, KTM etc, to invest millions $ to look mugs under artificial rules set in place to protect the dominance of a favoured few.

Do some fkin homework and understand the sport you purport to be a fan of and stop spouting misinformed bullshit. 

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Mar 09

Posts: 117

bikemad123 says:

I know petrol is £1.40 a litre now and with 25 bikes on the grid they will be saving £35 surely there starting to take the piss now get more than that on weekly doll check lol

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Jan 11

Posts: 300

yzrm1 says:

wosi hound

agree with the honda story.  2004 yam. 2005 yam. 2006 hon. 2007 duc. 2008 yam. 2009 yam. 2010 yam. 2011 hon. 2012 yam. 6 times Yamaha. 2 times Honda. 250bhp, 17000 rpm, heavyer bikes 20 litre. If we still had the 24 litrs Suzuki would race in 2014.  Honda try to win by rules rather then racing. isn't that gay!!!

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Apr 09

Posts: 478

1986vfr750 says:

totally agree wosi

Why the F do these guys have to race on leaner and leaner engines anyway? It seems to me it would be far cheaper to give everyone a couple of litres more full than to spend billions on electronic development. If yamahas privateer engine is the same as cruthlows this year, but gets 24 l of fuel, its going to be a sweet ride. More gas and that way they can stop reducing the # number of laps...races are too short as is. Seems to me tracks like mugello and catalunya used to be a couple of laps longer. 3$ for fuel or billions for electronics...I thought they were looking to cut costs...

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Oct 12

Posts: 362

73mach3 says:

let them have as much

Fuel that they need dosent it effect the way the bike turns if they have a full load in the begining any way? i bet it cost a lot less to redesign a fuel tank to get the wait down low enough so the bikes handle better! and while there at it get rid of the electrics except for the kill switch. you do need a way to stop the engine when you pull in to the pits.

Wosi you git this one covered!!!!

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Jul 08

Posts: 184

BMEP says:


A couple of more things. Honda and Dorna are occasionally the same thing (via the back room deals, if you recommend this, we'll recommend that). Honda do not always get their own way but that is not very often.

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