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Simon Patterson  says:

Dutch TT: Cal blazes to pole!

Cal Crutchlow has blazed to pole position for tomorrow's Dutch TT, blowing away his rivals in an exciting session. Crutchlow's late lap of 1'34.398 was 0.357 faster than that of second placed Marc Marquez. Marquez, delayed on his first fast lap by a big moment from Bradley Smith, also put in a late lap to take second. Stefan Bradl led the session...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (28 June 2013 14:22)

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Mar 12

Posts: 507

one for the superstitious..

....perhaps a Pedrosa win then? coincidentally, both of Pedro's wins this year have been where he HASN'T been on pole, and hes crashed in qualifying... Anyhow, well done to Cal. He didnt just get pole, he blitzed it! regardless, i agree with some of the other posters, Cal needs to stop this Jorge ass kissing we've witnessed throughout the year. If you get pole well done, circumstances coupled with great riding and a great bike have given you this, enjoy it while you can as you might not get another one. Just saying. Dovi= epitomy of stupidity, seems his cool exterior has finally eroded with the bike getting beat by CRTs. Ducati should just buy a few Aprilia ARTs, strip them down and study the heck outta em

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Mar 07

Posts: 276


Cal is nothing but a qualifier? What are you gibbering on about? Cals done a good job this year and his standing in the points table shows it. As for your prediction of him binning it during today's race, your statement makes you sound like a fat, middle aged, Cal hating Fanboy! I doubt Cal is sucking up to Herve at all this year, his riding in 2013 is writing his contract for '14, whether it be on the Tech 3 or elsewhere. To me, it's nice having someone other than the top 3 fighting for the top step, and if Cal can be among it, come the finish line, that's all the better for race fans.

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Apr 11

Posts: 3615

Bultoboy says:

VFR is someone who has his own agenda whist hypocritcally accusing everyone else of the same. People passing off "hate" as thinly disguised impartial opinion? His colours are nailed high on the mast for all to see with every post. Seem to remember a very firm assertion not too long ago that Cal was nowhere near Rossi's standard and would never beat him in a race.

Your constant carping on about Cal is no different from what you accuse others of. You fawn over Rossi with every post and deride the others. A superchamp for staying 2 years at Ducati? Jesus. Not sure what that makes Stoner with his 4 or Hayden with his 5.

Now Cal's bike makes him look better than he is. What does that say about Rossi then you dope.

I don't know if you're trolling because you get off on it or whether you're genuinely deluded.

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Jan 13

Posts: 163

RevNutz says:


You always reply angrily to people who say something bad about Lorenzo, Pedrosa, Marquez or Crutchlow, only to say something bad about Rossi. Why is he different?

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Jul 11

Posts: 1918

CHRainmaker says:

Benny, for the people that matter ( i.e. not you )

..Cal's doing just fine, as we'll all no doubt see when he's rewarded with a lovely factory ride for next year. By the way, how's life on the 5th row working out for ya?..

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May 13

Posts: 153

WillRTW says:


8th in warm up this morning.... What other elite, world class, highly paid and near worshiped athletes would do this??? Jesus, they are a breed apart.

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Apr 11

Posts: 3615

Bultoboy says:


There's no anger in there and I said nothing bad about Rossi. Just pointing out the usual hypocrisy of someone who constantly accuses people and other riders of being "disrespectful" to Rossi whilst behaving in exactly the same manner towards other riders.

Fact is that Cal is performing very well at the moment, but this clown says it's all down to the bike - my comment of 'what does that say about Rossi' is fair enough isn't it. He constanty states Rossi is the better rider so why hasn't his bike, which is at least as good, put him above Cal? It's a reasonable question. The man has just put a satellite Yam on pole in front of 2 factory Hondas and a factory Yam which is over half a second behind. He's also been consistently close to or with the front runners during races and still you get the carping that he can't race.

Pole is great, it's a feather in the cap and a nice psychological boost but in terms of the race it doesn't mean anything. Any of the front 6 or 7 have a chance of leading into the first corner. Nothing is constant at the start of a race. Every race the riders will react differently or the bikes will react differently off the start. If they didn't then every race would be the same with them filing into the first corner in the order they left the grid.

What's important is being in the lead group at the end of the first lap or couple of laps before a gap opens up. The way to do that is to make up any necessary places quickly and the best opportunities to do that are usually the first few corners whist everyone is close together and jostling for places. As soon as they begin stretching out it gets harder.

Pole is nice, but not essential for race wins

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Mar 09

Posts: 5451

Nostrodamus says:

Aren't they just Will

I mentioned to the Welsh Al Qaeda faction when he told me of Jorge's crash that I thought he'd try and grid up Saturday. The burning drive within these guys is truly awe inspiring. It's hard to imagine anyone being as hard as a world championship GP racer. And the pace Jorge ran in warm up!? He's in this race if he wants to be. Cal and Vale are shitting themselves again.

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Apr 13

Posts: 81

VeritasH says:

Brilliant effort by Jorge to come back and race with an injury like that, lets just hope we don't see any bone headed moves from anyone else, the last thing he needs is to be tumbled off. I doubt anyones shitting themselves, over race distance that should will be causing agony.

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Apr 09

Posts: 478

1986vfr750 says:


Once again you dont read the just get all bitchy and on your high horse as soon as you see any negative reference to your hero. Cruthlow has beaten rossi 3 times and rossi has beaten crutchlow 3 times this year. They both have a second place...crutchlows 3rd at mugello was curtesy of a rookie mistake by marquez and a royal cockup by bautista. If you really believe crutchlow could have beaten rossi at mugello, you a sad fool. They have both crashed in races, cal on his own when pressured by rossi....DNF. Rossi at lemans in poor back up to salvage points. Rossis DNF came curtesy of dickhead bautista trying a move he wasnt good enough to pull off. You have actually supported my point but are too simple to realize it...Cal should be kissing herves ass, as his results would most definitely be different if he were on a ducrappi...just ask the guy who always beat him last year how good the duke is. Cal would be very average at ducati. So Cal is on the same bike for the second year in a row, and rossi is on a bike he has never ridden before...last 1000 yamaha was 2006-thats 7 years ago and the bike is different, and they are 3-3, with cals "gifted" mugello podium curtesy of 2 great riders not being on the track...Once again...all cal can do is qualify...rossi has qualified horribly this year and if not for bautista he would have a 4-2 record. Thats the reality...

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