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Liam Marsden  says:

Assen MotoGP: Rossi takes dominant win

Valentino Rossi took his 80th premier class win with a dominant performance at Assen today onboard the factory Yamaha. The victory marks Rossi's first win since the Malaysian grand prix in 2010. Starting from the second row, Rossi moved up to third at the end of the first lap with a hard move on German Stefan Bradl at the final chicane. On lap...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (29 June 2013 15:08)

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Jul 12

Posts: 3189

wosihound says:


Ol' wosi could drink cider with mescal depth charges all day long, he'd still see things clearer than you.

Don't confuse anger with handing out some well deserved comeuppance ya fkin's long overdue and an absolute joy to behold your inglorious response, choked up invective in full technicolor yawn mode..bottom lip wet and trembling.

blub blub.."why can't you just say Rossi rode a decent race?'s not fair you have to talk in superlative cliché's a 35.3 not a 35.2..stop're making me more miserable than I already am naturally..I hate #46ers" hoo.


Wipe your arse and get used to it.

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Apr 11

Posts: 3446

Bultoboy says:

Still can't answer a straightforward question though can you

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Jul 06

Posts: 2049

buelligan272 says:


Good to see you admit you got it wrong not like some of the other spineless chumps on here.

I am afraid you have got it wrong again though!

I am always happy especially when bike racing is involved.
There are riders I like to see win but if they don't I still enjoy it.
Maybe it because I respect all these riders and do not feel hatred to any of then past or present.
Must say it was really enjoyable to see Rossi win again and watch all the haters squirm with their pathetic comments.
Bring on the next one!

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Jul 12

Posts: 3189

wosihound says:


Listen Pal - haha - I'm not gonna sit here and justify to you how I've been interested in the sport since Sheene, which particular races I rate in my all time top 10 or why I am a Rossi supporter.

I will say that it's clear to me that we have different outlooks.

I get the feeling you haven't been following road racing for long and your main passion for two-wheeled sport remains on the dirt. If I remember don't buy MCN at all and never have.

Do you own a road bike, attend track days or the racing at circuits in person..whether that be grass roots, national or world events?

Do you go to bike shows that involve road, racing or classic bikes? 

For a man who purports not to have any favourite or cares who wins, you sure have something to say about Rossi - the most successful premier class rider of all time - of which 99.9% is negative and all of it is completely humourless.

You are king of the anti-Rossi conspiracy theory and seldom miss an opportunity to paint it black.


With regard to Assen..I enjoyed the race because as a fan of the sport, and as doohanfan says, it had a lot of interesting sub-plots.

Quite a few concerning Val..his mediocre start Qatar aside. Qualifying. Would the set-up changes work. Could he start to turn it around.

Others involved Jorge..his collarbone and unbelievable return. His engine allocation. What could be done to limit the points damage he was bound to suffer.

Crutchlow on pole. Marquez putting the willies up Pedrosa. CRT. Bautista..I could go on.

Race day was eagerly anticipated for lots of reasons by nearly all fans..I say nearly because for PC and a few other dead-headed fuckos, life without Stoner ain't worth living.

Cutting to the chase and speaking as a #46er..things turned out great.

To see the stands rise as one when Rossi took the lead, cheers drowning engine noise then go on and win the race in such an intelligent and controlled fashion made my fkin weeked - although I appreciate you probably had a face like a bulldog licking the piss off a nettle - and put the horror of Ducati to bed after nearly 3 long years.

Now..that you may want to detract and take the shine away is no surprise. You can make yourself look a cock all day long for me..I think it's hilarious you can't see how small minded and petty your two-stroking, half-witted wailing appears to the rest of us.

35.28 is really 35.3 - is it really?

Crutchlow was as fast as Rossi - who cares?

Nothing has changed. Rossi is no different to anyone else!

Well it has and he is..and it's contrary to all the gloating you and a few others have been doing by saying it would never happen.

Take it on the chin..swallow your medicine..try and be a man about it. YOU GOT IT WRONG.

..ans ffs do us all a favour and put a lid on your incessant whining.

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Sep 08

Posts: 498

'or why I am a Rossi supporter'

I'll tell you why wosihound, because your sort of personality is seen a million times over when ever there is a dominant force in any sport, People are attracted to those people for the pure reason they have never won at anything in their life, so they look for a consistency; That is why the weirdest fans you will find will be amongst those cheering for the most winning-est competitor. When rossi is gone you and the other loser weirdos will jump over to support marquez guaranteed, because even if they cant win something atleast they can support someone who will

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Jul 12

Posts: 3189

wosihound says:


Listen shit for haven't got the first idea about what wosi has or hasn't won.

I am a sports fan and have been a player in both team and individual all my life. This gives me an idea what is good and what isn't.. and I say Rossi is a lot better than dribbling little haters like you give him credit for.

You are typical of all that is wrong and bad in sport. You hate success for the very reasons you accuse wosi, you can't accept losing and don't understand it makes you stronger. You're the type of kid who used to take his ball home and stop the game if he couldn't get his own way..a bit like your hero and the biggest pussy of all, nappychangingstoner.

You know full well that ol wosi has been here at pump #46, quite often single handed through it all. This is the first time Rossi has won in nearly 3 years you idiot!

If I was gonna jump ship, I'd have done it a long time ago..the thing is, that's not me. I won't run away and look for an easy life somewhere soft and fluffy like you.

I am a sportsman and relish a challenge. I know exactly how it feels to pick yourself up off the deck and battle back from adversity, both on the playing field and in life..something you've yet to experience living at home with your Mum.

Did your Dad fuck off and leave? ..because you seem a bit effeminate?

Save your little man speech for some of your fellow orange mud suckers's not needed here.


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Apr 09

Posts: 21

CrazyG says:

Who's that trip trapping over my bridge?

Can't we all just get along?

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Jul 12

Posts: 3189

wosihound says:

Point taken G..

I've said my piece and will STFU now..

Good luck with the white flag waving btw.

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Jan 12

Posts: 1804

doohanfan says:

yeah wosi

turned off watching the Aussie guy at Wimbledon to watch the race, so I guess I am still a fan; I would have anyway, but it would have been churlish not to watch Jorge attempt what he did, and I got to watch a perfect race from Rossi as you say, like many in days gone by.

It might have been more of a conflict if the Lions test had been simultaneous, but I would have watched the race on the laptop with the rugby on the TV with the sound off. Have been to 3 rugby World Cups and will go again in 2015.

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May 12

Posts: 183

rocketri17 says:


Well said!

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