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Liam Marsden  says:

Assen MotoGP: Rossi takes dominant win

Valentino Rossi took his 80th premier class win with a dominant performance at Assen today onboard the factory Yamaha. The victory marks Rossi's first win since the Malaysian grand prix in 2010. Starting from the second row, Rossi moved up to third at the end of the first lap with a hard move on German Stefan Bradl at the final chicane. On lap...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (29 June 2013 15:08)

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Apr 13

Posts: 371


I find myself in complete agreement with Wosi, DF, Ben on this, but think that ElD has summed things up rather nicely.


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Mar 09

Posts: 5451

Nostrodamus says:

Well said Steady

It may or may not apply to Wosi (who by the way earlier this year decided to pin his colours to the Marquez mast), but there's plenty of strange little cretins on here that certainly fit your bill.

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Mar 08

Posts: 315

vmax4steve says:

the 46 er's are like football fans, they wear the shirt and caps and cheer when he wins, leave at half time when he crashes out. I can understand the football fans to a point, after all football started out as a representaive of ones own local area and the natural tribalism that humans possess fuels that, but to apply that mindset to an individual sport, to one such individual, and a foreign one at that, brings another human trait into the mix, that of the alpha submissive male..

Can we spot such people on this forum, I think we can. Someone with a military background, ancient Greece and all that, someone who professes to fancy boyish muscular women (Jessica Ennis), someone whose first port of call when the insults fly is vehemently homophobic, a classic psychological response of transferrence, which is when an individual passes on to others what they so hate about themselves, and someone whose adulation of a certain male borders on deification.

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Jul 12

Posts: 3300

wosihound says:

Steady as she/he blows..

Now hold on a second there Stevie lad..

No need to talk about Nostro & Captain Pugwash like that, is there?

Personally, I don't blame him for wanting to bone Jessica either..not that you'd understand stood next to your Vmax, in Cuban heeled cowboy boots and cut-off leather gloves, tenderly puffing up the Corbin seat so your boyfriends tight little arse doesn't get too much hammer before you get at it.

mmm.. 8=>:tongue:<=8

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Apr 11

Posts: 3615

Bultoboy says:

A simpe answer would have done Wosi

Instead of that tourette's induced keyboard spasm

The race was indeed enjoyable for all the reasons you gave. Many races have been just as enjoyable for similar reasons - except when it's been Lorenzo, Pedrosa or Stoner who have run away at the start, you and your tribal members have all cried as one how boring it is when there is no fighting for the lead. It needs Vale in the mix to bar bash and shake them up a bit.

What was more intelligent or controlled about this win than anything the others have done?

So the simple question was - why was this race any different from previous races that you moaned were boring. Because all Rossi did was clear off at the front once he got there. What went on behind should have been of no consequence, it's the battle for the lead that matters - you've told us that often enough.

Difference in this case was what?

The point about Crutchlow running the same times was to demonstrate how Marquez was dropping back between Rossi and Crutchlow, rather than Rossi suddenly putting in this series of consistently fast laps that you conjured up. If Rossi managed his tyres then so did Cal, so he did nothing unique or extraordinary there did he.

35.28 seconds is nearer 35.3 than 35.2. Just another little tweak of yours to embelish a point.

Your problem is you live your life through your hero, which is why you have to have a successful one. It makes up for your own lack of achievement and believe it gives you pecking rights in forum hierarchy, makes you something special that we all aspire to. Each to their own I guess. Your comment about the crowd reaction speaks volumes that you need to see that. I also remember them leaving in droves at Mugello when it was clear he had no chance of winning. Some fans when there were two other Italian riders in the race, one of whom had a real chance of winning.

You can convince yourself and anyone who cares to listen or believe you that it was a bad day for me because Rossi won. Makes no difference to me.

Do a search and see who said this

Great race by Rossi, no doubt about that, looked comfortable all race and credit where it's due he deserved the win.


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Sep 11

Posts: 87

monkeyninja says:


First, could not put it any better Wosi.

As for 'football fans' mentality relating to his success, we wouldn't have hung on during those Ducati years. Thing is, it's not difficult to remain in awe of Rossi's accomplishment even when the Ducati simply would not yield. And as opposed to what is being said on the site, it's not improving one iota and going backwards rapidly against Yamaha and Honda. Rossi doesn't just have a record of accomplishments, he has a history of accomplishment as long as your arm  - why do you think the Wonderkind Marquez still hails Rossi as a hero?  Marquez was in nappies when Rossi started doing amazing things on a bike and he's still doing them now and shown there's more to come.

There will always be people who have to bash success as sure as night is day. Couldn't care less what Rossi haters and Rossi-fan haters think. All of us #46ers ENJOY having him around and cannot believe our good fortune that there is more to come...oh, and we enjoy racing in general thanks very much. You wouldn't find me booing any other rider on the rostrum, that's for certain, no matter what my view on them.


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Aug 09

Posts: 66

crawsue says:

I'm keeping my

powder least until we get to the Sachsenring .....last year HRC cleared least until Casey lost the plot...Jorge was way off the pace and Cal very nearly binned it trying to get past Dovi. So if the old gunslinger has found a braking setting ,then this will be the place to find out. If ever a sport needed a lift it's top class motorcycling....and there is no doubt that Vale's win at Assen will put  a few thousand on the German gate. Love him or loathe him.... the punters want to see him at the pointy end. BTW ..was MM acting the c*nt at turn one final lap? Cal might make a few mistakes but that was one hell of a save.

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Jul 12

Posts: 3300

wosihound says:

Listen ya chump..

..I've already explained the difference, but you seem to have watched another race to everybody else.

Rossi didn't head for the hills once hitting the front, despite the fact he could have done so. He controlled the race and was confident if an attack came he could deal with it.

Pedrosa was never a threat, but when MM passed him Rossi upped his pace and won the race comfortably in the end.

This is not open for's what happened.


You're entitled to your deluded opinion I guess and being the dullard you are, it doesn't really surprise me you can't see the difference between Assen and some of the other boring races you seem to rate so highly while wanking into your orange sock.

My advice to you Pal, seeing as you seem to be edging ever closer to complete and utter loss of credibility not to mention a possible meltdown, is to stop trying to compare yourself to me, take a few days off and have a think about everything.

Try and put that vision of the crowd rising as one happy, cheering sea of Yellow to the back of your mind, it's clearly having a disturbing effect.


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Jun 11

Posts: 2569

PaceyCasey says:


Race day was eagerly anticipated for lots of reasons by nearly all fans..I say nearly because for PC and a few other dead-headed fuckos, life without Stoner ain't worth living.


Life without Lawson was still worth living and fuck me, the same applies now. Maybe you're dreading your own future bud? The mind's a funny thing.  

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Jul 12

Posts: 3300

wosihound says:


Maybe you ought to retire to the cheap seats before I insist you loosen that belt buckle?

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