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Matthew Birt  says:

No factory Yamaha future for Cal Crutchlow

Cal Crutchlow’s ambitions to be a factory Yamaha rider in MotoGP in the future appear to have all but vanished, with the Japanese factory reluctant to guarantee him a works YZR-M1 in 2015.The British rider told Yamaha management in meetings during the recent Assen round that he is willing to stay in the satellite Monster Yamaha Tech 3 squad for...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (10 July 2013 13:46)

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May 13

Posts: 194

gixanator says:

"Back to Cals predicament, honestly if you were a factory team manager would you sack Jorge or Vale to put Cal on your bike? It could be a blessing in disguise for Cal."

i wouldn't sack Jorge but if i had the choice as an impartial team manager without the sponsor and race organiser breathing down my neck i would take a punt on Cal rather than Vale.

Vale is a superb rider but he's been a lot better than he is at present and frankly he won't win another WC but Cal, given the tools to do the job might just do it or maybe not with Jorge,Dani and Marc in the series.

that's what fascinates me, Cal should be considered as a genuine contender but sadly i don't think the politics and marketing of the sport will allow him to give  it a try.

Vale sells tickets; that, unfortunately is his worth to the WC at present.

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Jul 12

Posts: 3300

wosihound says:


Is this the same politics and marketing you were ready to write off the other day, Gixinator, telling us it had nothing to do with the racing?

On results alone, forget Crutchlow's big mouth rubbing important people up the wrong way, he doesn't deserve a factory Yamaha contract if it means dumping one of their current riders.

He has yet to LEAD a race..let alone come close to WINNING.

He makes the same mistakes time after time..running wide and bad starts.

We know he is fast, especially over a lap in QP/testing, but that is not what counts.

Speaking you like to do and with such conviction..Dovi was handing him his arse on a plate regular last season. Rossi beat him on the Ducati FFS. What exactly has changed that warrants Cal getting Rossi's seat this year?

Yamaha know what they are doing. Cal is not riding a 3yr old hand me down..he's on a tweaked version of last years championship winning bike. A very good package.

If they thought he was making the difference and was a better rider than Rossi, like you seem to do, they wouldn't have bothered going after Pol.


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Jul 11

Posts: 1918

CHRainmaker says:

I like Cal..

..I think he's world class and I think he's very driven to succeed. But, he's fighting the establishment with a weaker hand - there's no conceivable reason to give him a factory seat over Jorge or Valentino as things stand, he's just not proven in the same way the aforementioned are. Despite his recent form, don't fall into the trap of thinking Rossi can't win another championship - he's most definitely got the tools to get the job done, and there's no one else on the grid with the experience he has. To keep him and Lorenzo on the factory bikes is, to my mind, the right call. Having said that, I do think Crutchlow is deserving of a factory bike, he's a better prospect than Dovizioso and given the right bike will do well - I'm still inclined to think Ducati would be a good option for him, I guess only time will tell...

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Apr 11

Posts: 1681

ow01fogno1 says:

Yes benny

Benny needs banning for life,if we all report the posts which are out if line then we ain't feeding him,we are starving him.

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Jul 13

Posts: 5

Penfold705 says:

Pol 2014?

I'm a touch confused: "There is no room for me in Yamaha in 2015. They would offer me a one-year contract but they have said if they can keep Jorge and Valentino in Yamaha in 2015 they will be doing that and there is no room for me" "People seem to forget though when telling me not to move to another factory or team is that Yamaha already has two riders in Tech 3 next year. They have a contract signed with Bradley (Smith) and they have signed Pol (Espargaro).” So if Yamaha offer him a 1 year deal, where will he be? Is Tech 3 full for 2014 or not? I know there's been a lot of talk about Pol Espargaro but has anyone apart from Cal said he's actually signed?

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May 13

Posts: 194

gixanator says:


Bollox to you troll.


you might be right about Vale but i think he's most definitely in the twilight now but still a damn fine racer, my point was that , as a team manager looking forward i'd rather have a hungry 27 yo with an improving record than a 34 yo with an impeccable career (barring 2 years on an unridable bronco that's only been tamed effctively once).

i would love to see Vale win another but on the balance of probabilities i don't think he can do it, if you think differently fair enough, i don't see it as a reason to berate you on an internet forum, it just means without a crystal ball you will have been right and i'll have been wrong or vice versa.

Cal, in my opinion deserves a factory ride as much as Dovi, Nicky, Jorge, Dani, Marc and Vale, he certainly deserves the chance over Bradl, Bautista and Iannone but again, without a crystal ball it's impossible to say either way if he'd do it, as i've said , he is a contender but whether he can win a WC on a factory Yam/Honda/Duke/Suzuki is mere speculation on everyones part, that's why i'm here, to discuss the permutations, not engage idiots who think making a right guess here gives them a hard on to be proud of.


unfortunately this is an unmoderated forum so trolls can get their hard on without fear so unless the forum makes them limp, they'll keep coming (no pun intended!!!) but ask yourself why someone would come on here with a scattergun approach to cover every conceivable scenario to start a personal argument?

if you disagree with a point of view it only takes one post to counter an argument, if the retort starts "fucking idiot, what the fuck do you know" or similar you know you have a troll for company.

the internets full of them, it's a shame this forum seems very healthily populated with them.

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May 13

Posts: 194

gixanator says:


not privy to Yams top brass but i think the intention to run Cal,Bradders and Pol is the idea with Pol on a factory supported mount and Cal and Bradders on the semi skimmed Yams.

that's what i understood but i may be wrong.

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Feb 12

Posts: 254

Titosfuneral says:


I think Herve said it during an interview at the motogp race, 2 races ago. (not going to try to spell his surname.. the tech 3 manager)

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Feb 13

Posts: 1278

AlexDAbomB69 says:

I just

read an excellent quote in MCN about Dovi and the Ducati," 7 races into a 36 race contract and he looks like he has done 20 years hard labour", that is the thing that would hold Cal back from signing for Ducati surely. Maybe the clever thing would be to hold tight and see what happens then maybe jump ship to Suzuki or go to them now and develop the bike in private for them so they come back super strong and prepared. Just a thought.

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Jan 12

Posts: 1935

doohanfan says:

if he has been banned again DT

it is certainly not something I wished for. It was getting even more tedious than my posts may be to have every second post making the same points about Cal though.

I think Cal probably is worth a factory ride in most circumstances, except those pertaining to the current factory Honda and Yamaha rides if there are only 2 of each. He  doesn't deserve a factory ride over any of the current guys, obviously not over Valentino or Jorge, not over Dani given his 8 most recent race wins are more than the other 3 recent race winners combined have had over the same period, unless he really crumbles over the rest of the season, and not over Marquez who is 7 or 8 years younger even if Cal on a factory Honda could be as fast as him, which is not totally impossible imo.

The Japanese factories don't take being badmouthed by their riders well either as Benny and others have said, and he well may have permanently crueled his prospects with the Yamaha factory given the other talent around.

Doesn't mean he isn't a brave and talented rider whom I enjoy watching, or isn't doing better than any satellite rider has done since 2006.

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