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MCN  says:

Should Norton build a more affordable Domiracer?

The new Norton Domiracer, unveiled in this week's MCN, is a limited edition cafe racer from the revived manufacturer with a carbon seat unit and open exhausts. No official price has been stated yet, but it's expected to be under £20,000 excluding VAT. Should Norton build a more affordable version? pollcomment

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  • Posted 2 years ago (10 July 2013 15:28)

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May 08

Posts: 213

SHIVA_ says:

my 2c

it's a good looking bike.  actually more exciting than I had anticipated. 

under no condition should the new Norton owner lower the price of this beast.  all you have (USP) on this bike is exclusivity, and once you lose that, you are left with nothing.

frankly, considering you'll sell a couple of hundred world wide in your first year, make them as expensive and exclusive as possible. 

further more, (more free advise) give us options!  Alum tank is cool, but what if I want a carbon tank? get it?

Forget mass production, think old Morgans... Make this (1) customized, (2) hand made, (3) numbered, (4) cater to the buyer, allow specialized seats, such as brown suede which will look smashing and charge for it.

my company Racing Shiva Productions based in NYC is ready to help you guys expand and be the success that you deserve.


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Sep 09

Posts: 886

Rogerborg says:

SHIVA, you get it

Norton should have employed you as a consultant rather than spunking their taxpayer handout on a bloomin' castle.

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Nov 02

Posts: 76

How much longer with café racers be fashionable?

Yet another unfaired bike with drop handlebars and nowhere to keep your sarnies! Getting boring now. Will the next generation of old giffers hanker after restoring blades and gixxer thous? I want to see something innovative not a daft hybrid of parts made from unobtanium sculpted into the shape of a throwback from a bygone era. How many people who are old enough to get misty-eyed about such a bike as this will still be in any physical state to ride a machine with high footpegs and bars level with the seat? Does nobody in the British bike industry have an ounce of originality or creativity? Pandering to the fancies and deep pockets of a few old men will kill off biking in this country. What we need is a base that is functional, stylish, and above all affordable. You then make your profits from a large range of parts and accessories that allow people to save up and individualise their bikes. Something where you can up the performance as you gain experience or swap the seats from dual to solo, different wheels, tanks etc.

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Jan 10

Posts: 427

rlf3 says:

Just stop

Who honestly gives a s__t?

A resurrected brand just isn't the real thing.

The current joke masquerading as Norton should just give up and cease building bikes altogether.

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Feb 09

Posts: 515

Okay, what comes after the café racer? The Hi - Rider version? The JPN replica? Or, even more radical in its concept - DELIVERING ACTUAL BIKES TO ACTUAL CUSTOMERS!!!!!!!

No, didn't think so somehow.



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Feb 04

Posts: 2

gwrig says:


Perhaps a real world road legal bike that ran would be a good idea

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Jul 13

Posts: 1

bigDavie says:

i love it, absolutely gorgeous. hopefully its part of an excercise into exploring the viability of makin a road bike. here in switzerland with strict TA laws etc a factory special like this saves a lot of hassle. retro and cafe racers are massive here. ive seen more bsa and norton here than i ever saw in the UK.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8079

snev says:


If you want to prosper and Expand as a Viable Motorcycle Manufacturer....Then take a Leaf out of Triumph's book ...Or Better still....Target the 16 year old's and ditch this hopeless and fruitless crusade to appeal to the 60 somethings. It's been done to death over the decades.... forget buying stately homes and producing £25,000 Trophy cabinet bikes and start competing with the Jap's and Chinese......Not to mention Mr Bloor........

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Oct 12

Posts: 143

moto4 says:

Not a Domi but...

...instead build a cheaper 'Manx' single cylinder cafe racer. Using a donor engine, as they are clearly willing to do, and a tubular steel (or preferably Aluminium) frame, style per updated classic Manx as a modern cafe racer and charge a nearer mass market sum and hey presto it could really bring the £s in to secure the company and invest for the future.

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Jul 13

Posts: 5

andysal1959 says:

Norton New bike Joke!!

You ask "Should Norton build a more affordable production version of the new Domiracer?" should ask with fewer words "Should Norton build a Domiracer"

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