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Simon Patterson  says:

German MotoGP: Marquez scorches to win

Marc Marquez has scorched to victory in Germany, taking the win easily despite a late challenge from Cal Crutchlow. Valentino Rossi led off the line, although Stefan Bradl was able to squeeze past on the second lap and hold an early lead, before Marquez also made it past. They then made a small break after a mistake from Rossi dropped him...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (14 July 2013 13:59)

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Jul 10

Posts: 1394

typo Beul

brain way ahead of my sausage fingers lol

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Jul 10

Posts: 1394

Factory bike

If Tech 3 keep his bike at the level it is ,he doesnt need a full factory bike its close enough. The factory seat and salary is a recognition of his standing in the class though, and IMO he is doing enough to be rewarded with one

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Apr 11

Posts: 3470

Bultoboy says:

Maybe Cal deserves a factory bike but it would not make any difference.
Put him on one of the factory machines now and I guarantee his results would not improve.

That's a fairly demeaning statement to make without any real solid foundation

Whatever the spec of his bike is now, it's reasonable to assume it's a lot closer to factory than at the start of the season, but, it still doesn't have the latest fuel tank and frame - if what you say is true about the fuel tank. Then there are the electronics. There's also a new clutch that Lorenzo recently had.

So although it is a very good bike, there are still a few little things missing which could make the job a little easier, that means the rider doesn't have to work quite so hard as he would on a lesser bike. It all makes a difference.

The way Cal is riding at the moment, he is capable of the same pace as them all and has beaten them all fairly in a race. Some more than once. The only one I have doubts he could beat again is an uninjured Lorenzo, but if he were to slip up then I believe Cal has every chance of snatching a win, more than once. That's on the bike he has now. You have to believe that the odds would shorten with a full factory bike. Why you think otherwise I can't figure.

Look how long it's taken Rossi to find a set up he says he's comfortable with on his factory bike. Do you think he'd perform as well on Cal's bike which doesn't have the revised weight bias that the new frame and tank gives to help turn in on full fuel. Something that Rossi relies heavily on to suit his riding style and which his new front fork set up is designed to work with. Could he set up the Tech3 bike without those parts?

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Mar 09

Posts: 179

jonnyrocket says:

looking forward to the installment of the MM and CC show the only two riders worth watching.  Lin...wake up and smell the coffee the answer to two competitive riders on factory bike is right in front of you!  by-the-way well done bradders...

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Nov 09

Posts: 156

kwackanacki says:

Ducati pt2

From my earlier Ducati shite can I just add - Cal if you sign for this Italian team you will be racing CRTs - That bike is a mile away - 30 Secs on that track must be at least a mile!. I cannot believe in this day and age that they cannot get a leap into the 5 top when the CRTs seem to improve week in week, ditch the "L" and sort it out you are wasting money and robbing the fans of more competition.

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Jul 11

Posts: 968

motoking says:

nice race but...

I think it was obviouse bradl got team order. at lap 22 if i'm not wrong, he suddenly slow down. he was such a glase kid. he was on top and seems nothing could stop him. even marc follow him for few laps can't pass him.


I really really hope bradl could take podium. he deserves it. and obviously he was success gave time to marc. look how crazy cal rode the bike. even rossi can't match him.


btw, another EXCUSE AGAIN from our belove 9 times lucky ass champion. can't turn the bike??? LOL.

i'm sure he discovered it when cal passed him. LOL.

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Jul 11

Posts: 968

motoking says:

marc stand ovation...

last race when he enter the finish line, it remind me of stoner. really miss his TRUE skill.


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Aug 02

Posts: 2321

Hedgehog5 says:


"Maybe Cal deserves a factory bike but it would not make any difference.
Put him on one of the factory machines now and I guarantee his results would not improve."

Yep, you're probably right... all these little improvements they keep making to JL's factory bike... why do they bother?... it's not like they're going to make him any faster or more competitive against his competition...


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Jul 13

Posts: 349

ElDiabolico says:

Car cleaner and gixanator

Ben Spies was no alien. Neither is Cal.

Pedrosa has three World Titles to his name, a total of 45 Grand Prix victories (22 in the top class, 113 podium finishes (72 in the MotoGP).

What are Cal's stats in these 2 years vs the 8 of Dani?

0 Titles (1 WSBK), 0 victories, 6 podiums. I think there is a small difference between them.

Cal is on fire this year. Cal rode a fantastic race last week. Cal talks too much. Cal's bike is very close to the factory bikes. Cal rides over the limit, crashes a lot and eventually will hurt himself.

For you Brits it is normal to want to visualize your guy as the next MotoGP revelation. What is not normal is that you demand to see him getting JL, DP or VR rides. That's dellusional. MM is Spanish and Spanish riders dominate MotoGP because they are the best. DO YOU SERIOUSLY COMPARE CC'S TALENT WITH HIS??? DO YOU SERIOUSLY BELIEVE CC IS AS GOOD AS JL, DP, VR?

Cal deserves AB or SB bikes max. Live the legends alone until your hero starts winning WT then we talk. Next year Esparrago will show Cal his "passport" often... and i will be here, enjoying myself teasing on you Brits while you get drunk, weekend after weekend, watching Cal do nothing more.

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May 13

Posts: 194

gixanator says:

who said Spies was an alien?

and here we go with the Dani record pre MotoGP.

ED, the older Dani gets, the faster he was.

this is his 8th, count them ED EIGHTH season in the top team and no WC in the premier class.

he was fit for (or fit enough) in at least 3 of those seasons and still couldn't do it.

Cal deserves a chance , you deserve Dani and his less than glittering MotoGP record.

jesus, even when the facts are laid bare for you ED you still blubber like a beached whale.

i thought he had a chance this season but his fragility once again comes to the fore, sometimes you have to admit the guy is just too small and delicate for a full on MotoGP bike, the stats tell you as much but you know better?

why aren't you a MotoGP guru a la Puig/Zeelenburg or Bartholemy with all the stars smashing your door down for advice (advice you give freely here) ED?

i'll tell you why ED, it's because you actually have no insight into the mind or the purpose of a MotoGP rider, you look at stats and assert that Dani is the best thing since sliced bread but can't explain why Dani can't do it.

i can, he's too fragile and too small, Honda reckoned that was the way to go but they got it wrong, Marquez though, younger, stronger and less fragile is besting Dani at the moment and looks likely to go all the way.

how many more seasons would you give Dani ED?

another one? two?, oh go on give him 11 seasons to see if he can do it, that's not faith ED, that's blind faith.


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