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Alison Silcox  says:

Staff Blog: To Flash or Not to Flash?

  My hubby and I were riding through the rolling Leicestershire countryside towards Rutland Water on a recent Sunday morning ride when we were flashed twice by oncoming cars but not at all by the oncoming bikes. Being cautious we slowed to just under the speed limit and after about half a mile came upon a sneaky camera van tucked on...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (15 July 2013 08:25)

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Sep 08

Posts: 24

roadrider says:

A motorist in our area recently got fined for the very thing as Titos mentions. So if you do warn others........... be careful you don't get caught out.

Incidentially the motorist appealed and LOST.



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Jul 08

Posts: 179

Fomancu says:

always and never

I warn bikes but never cars/lorries etc..they could be the one that ....SMIDSY....the next time your out :-)

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Aug 02

Posts: 120

Robell says:

Yes, you should warn others, whatever type of vehicle they're driving, someone might return the compliment one day,

The police won't like it, but the odds of being caught are slim, to say the least.

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Sep 09

Posts: 889

Rogerborg says:

Google "Michael Thompson appeal"

You can and will be done for it, if caught: Dibble don't like his targets being mucked with.

I personally make a slow-down hand gesture - sorry, I meant to say, I tend to stretch my hand to relieve a cramp.

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Oct 11

Posts: 2507

Piglet2010 says:

Police State

Remember that police no longer serve and protect the public, but rather serve and protect the filthy* rich.

"Who will watch the watchers?" - Juvenal


*Practically every super-rich person (including nobility and royalty) is involved with banks that aid and abet the drug smuggling, blood diamond, weapons trade, sex slave trade, etc cartels.

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Apr 10

Posts: 109

FellRaven says:

YES - But

As Rogerborg has pointed out there have been some very strange rulings on free speech under the previous Government. However if I were to see somebody who in my opinion was driving/riding too fast I might flash them to slow down. If there was a camera ahead that would be a coincidence. Piglet see the doctor your meds aren't working anymore.

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Sep 09

Posts: 889

Rogerborg says:


I flashed to make another road users aware of my presence, as I feel that they may have been veering towards me.  No other reason, constable.

No, I don't know why, you'd have to ask them. Perhaps they were distracted by your typically badly parked camera van, or had their nose glued to their speedometer.

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Jul 13

Posts: 1

gavknights says:

FLASH: I feel there should be more people flash whatever vehicle your on/in

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Feb 09

Posts: 83

brevav2 says:

Indirect Taxation con

Piglet......Well said, your spot on, no meds required either,  The Police are agents of 'The Corporation' i.e the City Of London, which is a 'City State', the richest, most powerful square mile on the planet,which runs and controls the rest of the planet financially, the rest of the UK is a colony of the City Of London, The two others being Washington DC (District of Columbia) which oversee's the military side of things, and the Vatican, which controls the laws, religion (mind control), The Police dont serve us, they serve their masters,the banking cartel, the aim being to collect (indirect) taxes via traffic offences,speeding etc, which brings in billions in revenue, If the Government of the day (puppets) were genuinely trying to address safety on the roads, there would be no unmarked vehicles, and hidden camara's, everything would be out in the open and above board...but that's no good, because it wouldnt bring in any revenue, its all a big con, but you keep voting these parasites into power, hence you get more of the same.


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Oct 05

Posts: 133

romford4 says:

To flash or not to flash?

Last time the kids started screaming, the mums started screaming, the park was sealed off, and I was questioned for 48 hours at the cop-shop, so on balance I would say no     ;)

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