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Matthew Birt  says:

Cal Crutchlow not upset to miss out on maiden win

Cal Crutchlow may still be seeking to end Britain’s 32-year winless run in the MotoGP world championship but denied he had missed a golden chance to claim a first premier win in Germany yesterday (Sunday). The British rider produced one of the best performances of his career at the Sachsenring to fight his way back from sixth to second, passing Assen...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (15 July 2013 12:21)

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Jul 12

Posts: 3022

wosihound says:

Unconditional support and flag waving..No ta.

Simply put with regard to this thread and the quotes from Cal.

I believe he is being economical with the truth..which tends to be backed up by what Rossi said about his race, the lap times and what we all saw.

Cal thinks by putting his spin on events - saying they were both in the same situation, he just wanted it more than Rossi - it takes away all the talk about settings and shows that he is a better rider and therefore deserves a Yamaha factory ride. A bit rich when he's been doing the same regards his bike's disadvantages. 

Crutchlow never misses an opportunity to open his mouth which is invariably aimed at making himself look better.

Do we hear much talk about his consistently shite starts and how this can be rectified, other than so-and-so cut me up?

He wants Valentino's seat and reckons he's a better bet for Yamaha, but..Cal reckoned he was worth a factory seat last year?

Yamaha still don't and have told him there will be no guarantee. They want Pol going forward. 

Ducati reckoned Andrea was the better rider for them, not Cal.

For what it's worth, my opinion is..he should concentrate and let his riding do the talking. To me, it seems he puts his mouth in gear before his brain's engaged and likes to paint himself as a bit hard done by. I reckon Crutchlow has a bit of a chip on his shoulder about how much other people are earning too.

I don't blame him wanting to set himself up for life but think he could go about it a better, smarter way.

I think he should be a bit more patient and tone down the verbals. Show a bit more respect. Saying this..he draws plenty of interest and sponsors love him. 

The only point scoring he needs to concentrate on is in the racing Sundays..and he is making strides in this area, but he ain't the finished article yet.  

As a rider he's fast and still improving. He deserved his 2nd place on Sunday and was flat out faster than Rossi, but that don't make him a better rider..even now in the Autumn of Valentino's career. 


PS: Oh dear Gixi..I mean Bulto. You're not trolling by questioning Rossi's sexuality are you? Crikey..and after all those high-browed lectures last week. tit.



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May 13

Posts: 194

gixanator says:

you can analyze it all you like Wosi but where did Vale come?

and where did Cal come?

and where in the WC is Vale?

and Cal?

on present form Cal is doing a better job for Yamaha than Vale, that is stone cold fact on any site you care to look, Vale is in 5th, Cal is in 4th, that can't change at this moment i'm afraid.

the chances are (and i'm hoping so ) that Vale will return to winning ways in a proper sense, the kudos for him and the championship will be astronomical but..........................on present form Cal is better, it doesn't make you less of a man to admit that, instead of trawling every syllable of every sentence uttered by every MotoGP runner will change the stone cold fact that Vale isn't there yet, he might, he might not, slagging off the other riders doing a better job at this time belittles your contribution.

or maybe you just like arguing over minutae, you do, after all spend an inordinate amount of time on here.

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Dec 08

Posts: 1917

thestig08 says:


You sound more like old benny every day , did Cal not please you with his post race interviewws, yeah it was a below par performance passing Rossi like that and reeling mm in , you must have been in the same situation yourself however I hesr you'd struggle to pass wind ! Chips on shoulders ?,more like pot kettle and black

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Jul 13

Posts: 345

ElDiabolico says:

Weel Gix, I copied my answer

I copied my answer from the other post cause I am bored to write it again so:

"Cal is doing what any racer worth his salt would do (unless you're Dani)..." Pedrosa has three World Titles to his name, a total of 45 Grand Prix victories (22 in the top class, 113 podium finishes (72 in the MotoGP).

What are Cal's stats in these 2 years vs the 8 of Dani?

0 Titles (1 WSBK), 0 victories, 6 podiums. I think there is a small difference between them.

Cal is on fire this year. Cal is the best of the rest. Cal rode a fantastic race last week. Cal talks too much. Cal's bike is very close to the factory bikes. Cal rides over the limit, crashes a lot and eventually will hurt himself.

For you Brits it is normal to want to visualize your guy as the next MotoGP revelation. What is not normal is that you demand to see him getting JL, DP or VR rides. That's dellusional.

"... and Marc is, well Marc, what can you say..."  What can you say? Well hear this: MM is Spanish and Spanish riders dominate and will dominate MotoGP because they are the best. DO YOU SERIOUSLY COMPARE CC'S TALENT WITH HIS??? DO YOU SERIOUSLY BELIEVE CC IS AS GOOD AS JL, DP, VR? DO YOU?

Cal deserves AB or SB bikes max. Leave the legends alone until your hero starts winning WT then we talk.

Remember my words cause I won't let you forget them. Vale will be back to form soon. Esparrago is coming fast. Jorge and Dani will recover. Marquez is the best think that happened to MotoGP the last 10 years. Were stays Cal after this? 5th or 6th. I will be here, enjoying myself teasing on you Brits while you get drunk, weekend after weekend, watching Cal do nothing. Cal is no alien.


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Aug 02

Posts: 545


Mild bias from you i fear, you mention Dani and Marc, remember that both these Spanish riders were dropped straight into the best works team in the world in Repsol Honda, in fact the rules were changed to allow Marc to do so instead of him being in a satellite team first like Simoncelli and others had to, such is the power of Spain in the running of MOTOGP !!

Dani is in his 8th year and still not won the title, in the best works team in the world, Marc is very special of that there is no doubt and will be champion more than once and he's a truly likeable lad too, yet Crutchlow was on his arse @ Assen and only just a second or so back in Germany, on a slightly inferior bike.

Cal does deserve a shot on a full works bike ... definately.


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Aug 02

Posts: 573

winger says:



Moto GP is a Spanish run sport for the Spanish with Spanish money,the problem being when Rossi retires what you have is a National Spanish championship and Carmel can't sell that to anyone!!!!

No one is suggesting that Cal gets one of their bikes,what is being said is give him a factory bike like the other two Yamaha's it can be done,what is going on is Yamaha are trying force others to pay for it and not them,the problem they have Lorenzo is out for two races Rossi isn't able to hold the fort on his own,what Cal wants is a factory bike in Tech3 just like they offered Pol just becauuse he's Spanish!!!!!!!!!!!!,non of the other top riders ride for nothing why should Cal????

As for remembering your words don't worry that's a very large coat hook you have posted and your going to get hung on it.

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May 13

Posts: 194

gixanator says:


cut and paste all you like, it doesn't make you any more credible.

Dani is in his 8th season and no win but he's an alien?

he's fast but fragile, someone should do him a favour and give his bike to someone strong and tough enough not to break a bone every time he trips up.

if he does it this year i'll be over the moon but to big him up with his MotoGP record smacks of desperation or man-love, i'll leave the forum to decide and you to cut and paste an article from Gay Times in repudiation.

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Mar 11

Posts: 473

A bet each way....

You can bet that at silverstone Wosi will be resplendant in monster energy cap, nice to have a bet each way eh wosi.

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Mar 11

Posts: 473

The sad truth is....

That if rossi was on a repsol honda and Cal with gresini some here would be convinced that showa were the suspenders to be on.

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May 13

Posts: 194

gixanator says:

you won't let me forget them ED?

oh goody, the difference between you and me ED is that i actually like the racing, not the masturbation fest you indulge in when the racings finished.

Dani's good but 8 seasons is pushing it for a lack of success (unless Honda like 2nd place), Marc is the best thing to come out of Spain in a long while and i'll assert that as fact to anyone who cares to listen.

Cal is the best thing to come out of Britain for a long while and if given the chance he might, just might do it, you know a bit like you imagining Dani with that T shirt they print every year but throw in the skip eventually.

a chance ED, that's all Brits are asking.

you lost all credibility when you refused to acknowledge a rider doing a sterling job because he's not "one of you".

goodbye ED, i hope Dani wins it but his fragile body is telling him again that this won't be his year.

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