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Matthew Birt  says:

Exclusive: Casey Stoner to test factory Honda in Japan

Double world champion Casey Stoner will make a dramatic return to MotoGP action next month when he tests a factory Honda RC213V at the Twin Ring Motegi track in Japan, MCN can reveal. The outspoken but blindingly fast Australian, who retired from MotoGP immediately after the final race of 2012 in Valencia last November, will take part in a two-day test...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (22 July 2013 15:00)

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May 13

Posts: 194

gixanator says:

Can't understand the animosity between Rossi and Stoner fans.

They were different riders with different styles.

Vale was incredibly consistent and quick and Casey was just plain fast.

I'm not surprised Vale has the most WC's, his style was always going to deliver.

Casey's style meant he had to score once in a while!

Enjoy both, they certainly made their contribution to some phenominal racing over the years.

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Aug 10

Posts: 507

shawno76 says:

Do us a favour Casey..

No doubt that Stoner was the fastest man on two wheels on any given day.  Was entertaining to watch slide both the Duke and the Honda in slow motion around Philip Island.  But that's where the appreciation stops.  He undid all of his positive attributes of being (one of) the greatest racers by constantly moaning and berating his paymasters and engineers.  Bitching about your w***king arm and rumbles from the front forks (anyone notice that the word 'chatter' has not been uttered once since he departed?)

I still am somewhat bemused as to why he failed to understand the MotoGP circus and play the PR game.  He could have won almost as many fans as Rossi had he taken some media skills training and interacting warmly with the press and fans.  He left because he didn't like the politics.  He hates the CRT rules and doesn't like a dog fight (in which he had armalite weaponry).  He moans when he's overtaken fairly and He can't drive a V8 car either but that's not quite as important.  He also doesn't like Milk, but that's an argument for another day.

So why does he want to come back? Honda offered him 10 million smackers less than 12 months ago - but that wasn't good enough to pry him from his morals (I'm not exactly sure he knows what his morals are, maybe his wife can tell him?).  So what gives?  He's seen Marquez and realized the sport doesn't miss him.  The current crop of stars are exactly that.  Everyone moved on without so much of a ripple to his departure.  And that is irking him...  So he just wants to prove to himself he is still faster than the best? Then what...gears up his fishing rod and f**ks off back to Willabong creek a year later because his missus doesn't appreciate the air miles.

Stoner is a complete idiot for not realizing what he had.  #1 in the best team in the paddock, awesome skills, millions in the bank, travel the world 1st class on someone elses dime... (if you didn't expect all that, then you were obviously watching a different MotoGP growing up?).  And yep, politics are corrupt in all categories.  Business, governments, corporations and even race outfits.  Get over it sunshine. Just play the game and enjoy yourself.  You're not going to change it, but you can enjoy it.  I for one would love to see him back and racing at the sharp end creating a spectacle but if that means I have to listen to more 'arm pump' or 'chatter' excuses when Cal Crutchlow beats him then I'd rather he keep his float in the water and leave it to the pro's who can play the game on and off track.

Top flight racer with the personality of a cabbage and the foresight of a seahorse...  Utter shame when you think about it... Stick to testing (at best) so you can crack one off on your lap times and no-one has to listen to your horseshit.



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May 09

Posts: 884

CH987 says:

"The day you stop being a stupid fanboy"

You really don't see it do you.

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Jun 10

Posts: 510

weskit says:


A swing of 283 points

Sometimes you resemble nothing so much as a demented old druid holding up the entrails of some unfortunate critter and babbling incoherently about "the signs". WTF does the differential of the differential have to do with anything??

The 2007 and 2008 ducati wasn't a bad package, but in no way was it vastly superior to anything else on the grid. No-one else could consistently make it perform, and it's highly unlikely Rossi could have either. Despite being behind in the championship before LS08 (something you numpties seem to forget when perpetuating the "coming from behind", "against all odds" myth) Stoner certainly could have won again that year on it. He probably was rattled for the subsequent two races, but it was more likely down to the vitriolic bile spewed forth by the happy-go-lucky types rather than some mystical powers of St Vale the Magnificent.

The CF ducati from 2009 on was capable of winning races, but was fickle to setup and was according to Stoner either a great bike or a complete turd with very little in between. His main complaint was that the factory made no effort in helping them to understand why, and without the consistency it wasn't a championship contender.

But contrast this to Rossi's accomplishments once he got on the thing in late 2010. As you've said, Honda and Yamaha progress by evolution rather than quantum leaps, so it's not like it was suddenly inferior. He achieved nothing on it. Squat, Nada, Niente. It was always a complete turd for him and he had no tricks up his sleeve when the going got tough. Didn't see much scrap from him did we? And there is absolutely f*ck all evidence that he "pointed them in right direction" in development either.

Face it, without Yamaha (or Honda) providing him with exactly what he needs he's got nothing.

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Mar 12

Posts: 483

oh boy..

more verbal diarrheoa from the yellow crones. Why must Stoner play the PR game? does everyone need to put on false facade and prance around like a yellow pixie when they clearly dont enjoy it? Believe it or not, there are actually countless fans who appreciate what a rider does once he gets on the bike. They dont care about the bullshit PR side, they just enjoy what a rider can display on the track. Its funny how these "other" true fans try to belittle Stoner because of his lack of Pr qualities, even though hes clearly the fastest rider on two wheels since his debut, and lets his skill on riding whichever bike do the talking..

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Nov 03

Posts: 2225

saturn392 says:

Oh boy, Oh boy Oh boy

Shawno's right.   You munchkins just don't get it do you ?  The PR is all part of the package you sign up to when you become a factory rider.  The factories require it as part of the deal.   You know that saying '' if you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen''   Well he couldn't take the heat so he left the kitchen - simples.

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Apr 11

Posts: 3429

Bultoboy says:

No Saturn

It seems it's you lot that don't get it. Stoner was fully aware of how much the PR shit has become a part of Motogp

It's one of the reasons he jacked it in. Not hard to understand is it?

It might be important to the factories or sponsors, but for people who just enjoy watching racing, of any kind, all we're interested in is what goes on between flag to flag on track. I have no interest whatsoever in seeing a camera thrust into the face of a rider sitting in his garage for a 20 - 30 second shot of him doing fuck all, which makes the rider then feel they have to 'do something' for the camera. I am wholly fucking fed up of seeing grown men blowing kisses, waving or sticking their tongue out to a camera lens. Not to mention performing the now obligatory fake drink from the sponsors drinks can whilst showing it to the camera.

If it's corporate sucking up people are interested in seeing, or attention seeking pima-dona tosspots, go buy tickets for a tour of any large corporation's offices and spend time watching the professionals at work as they slime their way through the day in the never ending quest to rise up the corporate ladder.

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Apr 13

Posts: 371

Stoner's fucking stupid

If he jacked in motogp because of the "demands" of PR, then thought it would be any easier, a two time Aussie motogp champ, switching to an Aussie car championship, well, read my title. Turns out he was too, 'cause it's bursting his balls by all accounts. Of all the things to get upset about, waving to the camera? What a miserable shit you are comrade Bulto.

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Jul 12

Posts: 3189

wosihound says:

But your purist, give fk all back idealism..don't pay the bills Batiboy, does it?

This ain't larking about on a muddy field with your Pals?

Barry Sheene managed to understand and use it 30 odd years ago..yet you still can't get over being a flat cap & whippet merchant?

Fkin dinosaur..

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Nov 03

Posts: 2225

saturn392 says:

I'm not saying its right Bulto

It's just the way it is. Lets be honest MotoGP is big business the spin-off of which is the entertainment of the fans.   The only reason factories spend their millions is to showcase their products. That's why the PR is so important.     

  If you don't want all that bullshit then stick to watching club racing.

By the way in your description you forgot to mention the careful placing of the helmet showing manufacturers name on the counter at the post race interviews.     Like I said the PR is as much a part of MotoGp as the racing, Stoner became disillusioned and left - I personally didn't like him but  good luck to him for having the courage of his convictions.

Seems like a complete waste of his life tho' having spent it all since childhood following a 'dream' and then turning it into a 'nightmare'

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