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Matthew Birt  says:

Exclusive: Casey Stoner to test factory Honda in Japan

Double world champion Casey Stoner will make a dramatic return to MotoGP action next month when he tests a factory Honda RC213V at the Twin Ring Motegi track in Japan, MCN can reveal. The outspoken but blindingly fast Australian, who retired from MotoGP immediately after the final race of 2012 in Valencia last November, will take part in a two-day test...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (22 July 2013 15:00)

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Feb 09

Posts: 515

Fuck me, there's more bitching on here than a teenage girls mag or facething page!

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Aug 11

Posts: 700

Bootlegger says:

Back to topic

Stoner to test for HRC. I like it a lot. As a free spirit outside of GP contracts can he accept big bucks from VW/AUDI/Ducati to test the red L-4 ? Contractual testing deals? The bloody things are in no way dissimilar. Back at Yamaha,well ,exploding engines and a bunch of clowns suggesting transverse 4 Kawa's and Suzuki's can raise Jesus Christ..Mind you,they are easy to ride. Rider friendly.

For any aspiring GP contender,prototype or spec sattelite, Yamaha M1, HRC L-4,Ducati L-4 are the only games in town. Deliberately in that order.. Tyre rules bring CRT closer, but that is a class within a class.

Anyway, I'm sure Audi can chuck a bucket load of money at Stoner to test Rossi's D16 and he'll refuse point blank with just cause.

On the other hand,a Ducati team with Gabarini,Suppo,Tardozzi, Preziosi and Stoner with unlimited 'a la' Rossi support may change the outlook.

Of course that won't happen. The great Casey Stoner...We...Ducati days...History.

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Jul 12

Posts: 3249

wosihound says:

If he had any bottle and a real spirit for extraordinary theatre, he would jump back on the Ducati.

But..even Casey is not that stupid.


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Jan 12

Posts: 1876

doohanfan says:

there were also El D

once large bodies of opinion that the earth was flat, and that the sun rotated around it.

I  think it is fairly definite that the 2007 Ducati was invincible by a 2007 Yamaha, no matter how well ridden, if you could ride the Ducati. Being able to ride the Ducati  was the trick,  basically required balancing it on a knife edge, even with 2007 tyres,  was only ever managed by Stoner, and was probably fairly wearing for him. Being told by everyone that the bike was a doddle to ride when he had to nearly crash it on every corner perhaps explains some of the attitude you and others found objectionable. It also seems fairly likely that the engine characteristics which gave the Ducati the straightline performance contributed significantly to the rideability problems, or at least Valentino Rossi seems to think so, but what would he know?

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May 09

Posts: 884

CH987 says:

Agree with doohanfan. The 2007 Ducati had one advantage. Top speed. That was it.

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Dec 12

Posts: 49

widdy says:

Dogsbreath again.....

There a few dicks on this forum, but i think you are the smallest but with the biggest head. Like the welsh mountain goat shagger you call every one who has a different opinion to yourself  absurd names without looking in the mirror. For fuck sake shut the fuck up because you are not the fuckin motorcycle encyclopedia that you would like to think you are. psychologist neither.Probably another fat bastard sitting behind a keyboard suppin strongbow and smokin spliffs all day unable to move.

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Bob Buttamasangy


Jul 08

Posts: 1538

If the 2007 Ducati was so good, where were the rest of them? Stoners setup was unique, wind the TC of the other bikes and the difference would have been minimal. Not his fault he's a purist compared to the rest of 'em!

 Capirossi at the time wasn't a second tier rider, so how do you explain his 7th position in the championship, the same as what Flo managed in his first year and most probably would have in year two if Simoncelli was on the scene?

In isolation, the truth looks just too good but look at the rest of the facts and Flo's rim polishing crew and their opinions turn to water. Pity THEIR tenacity isn't matched by their boyfriend on the track!

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Apr 11

Posts: 3503

Bultoboy says:

Bob old son

You're wasting your time

Wosi's in full troll mode again. His earlier post was quite good until these two paragraphs loomed into view

Stoner has demonstrated his ability to take a bike backwards on more than one occasion and always did the bare minimum mileage. He's no test rider.

..not like Rossi, who always works hard to improve the package. It is etched in MotoGP folklore what he did for Yamaha 2004..taking the factory bike from obscurity - without a single podium the year before - to championship after 11 years in the doldrums.

More comedy gold from the 5-star troll

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Aug 02

Posts: 2322

Hedgehog5 says:


"Agree with doohanfan. The 2007 Ducati had one advantage. Top speed. That was it."

Over which bike?... as I've said Honda were faster at several tracks & Suzuki & Kawasaki weren't far behind... it had a speed significant advantage over Yamaha, which was most notable because it was often Rossi battling with Stoner that showed it up, & Rossi was often not the fastest Yamaha rider & Stoner was often the fastest Ducati... as Eldiabolico quoted... "leaving the Yamaha team baffled by their lack of power in comparison"...

As DF says...
"I  think it is fairly definite that the 2007 Ducati was invincible by a 2007 Yamaha"

Except of course it was only Stoner who could ride it... there were 2 Suzuki's in front of the next Ducati in the championship! The next Yamaha was in 9th.

Putting a positive slant on it, it would seem we have 2 of the worst bikes on the grid (for different reasons) with 2 of the best riders taking them to 1st & 3rd with Honda's & Suzuki's filling in the gaps. If it wasn't for Rossi & Stoner Yamaha would have been 7th & Ducati 5th... Honda/Suzuki domination.

Unfortunately too many people here don't like positives (or reality when faced with facts) so it'll never be a popular opinion.

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Jul 13

Posts: 356

ElDiabolico says:


..."as Eldiabolico quoted... "leaving the Yamaha team baffled by their lack of power in comparison"...

I didn't stated anything, FIM technical director Mike Webb did. But you know better than him I suppose.

And the 2007 Ducati was a pig right?

"'People keep talking about the Ducati's top speed, but they forget that the bike goes round corners brilliantly as well,' Stoner said. 'It's a great all-round package...'

Again Stoner stated it but he also knew shit. You know better.

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