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Andy Downes  says:

Road closed to bikes only near Ace Café

A local council has banned just motorcycles using a road near the famous Ace Café in North London as part of a six-week trial following months of complaints about anti-social riding and racing on the road. Brent council has now banned motorcycles from Rainsford Road after a number of complaints about dangerous riding and large groups of bystanders. The ban has...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (20 August 2013 11:43)

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Aug 13

Posts: 1

Dougaldio says:

Lost Income

I regularly work up at Park Royal.  I don't own a car.  What am I supposed to do?

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Mar 07

Posts: 3215

Boult says:

Is this

legal? Surely it's desciminatory to specifically exclued one socio-demographic group? 

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Aug 13

Posts: 34

peld says:

"I don't own a car. What am I supposed to do?"

Just go a few hundred yards more round the block avoiding the closed road perhaps?

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Aug 09

Posts: 2726

MarcusMarsh says:

Road closure

Unless I am missing something here there is no point in closing the road. If the road closure is being enforced, which may require the presence of the Council and or Police, why not just enforce the current rules of the road and deal with those that are riding dangerously or in an anti-social manner.  The Police have more than enough powers at their disposal to deal with this (including confiscating bikes!)  and if you can do one you can do the other.  Therefore closure of the road to those riding appropriately is not needed.

In my opinion this decision is not just meant to deal with the issue at hand - the Council are taking the opportunity to send a message to all PTW users. 

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Jul 11

Posts: 47

DrWorm says:

I love it.

This is so pathetic it's funny.   I wonder how any charges from ignoring the signs would stand up in court?


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Oct 08

Posts: 47

Showing off

Whenever I venture onto the of the North Circular either side of Hanger Lane, I see some of the most crass, dangerous riding, often by riders leaving/approaching the Ace Café. The standard of driving in north London, and particularly around Wembley, must be arguably the worst in the country, with a horrendous mixture of 39mph phone-toting middle lane hoggers, lane-straddling artics and braindead  Ikea shoppers changing lane at the last second while their new wardrobe hangs out of their open boot. We all know this, and yet I still see bikers, usually in groups, pulling wheelies and filtering at 70mph, presumably because they need to live up to the gung-ho bullshit they were spouting at the Ace a few minutes earlier. Closing that road to bikers is a shame, might be on shaky ground legally, and is ultimately pointless from a safety point of view because it just moves the problem (further away from the, erm, hospital). But sadly they do have a point.

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Aug 13

Posts: 1

Easier to Police the law abiding

This is typical of modern Britain, a small minority of people misbehave, the Police have the powers to deal with them, but instead the representatives of the Nanny State at the council impose a blanket ban on all Motorcyclists. No doubt they will have enjoyed doing this as they know from the Guardian, motorcyclists are likely to be white heterosexual males which in the mind of a Guardian reader is the same as a rapist .

 Of course the sought of person who rides dangerously in a residential area will simply ignore the ban and no one will stop them, because the Police are too busy investigating a celebrity putting his hand up a groupies skirt in 1974, or ungluing some woman with hairy armpits from a drilling rig.

However the law abiding rider will follow the ban and so be punished for a crime they did not commit.

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Feb 09

Posts: 515

I thought that might be classed as discrimination?  Also, if I have valid insurance, licence current MOT, vehicle excise licence, am I not a permitted road user?  I personally think Barnet Council can shove it up their arse with or without lube, cheeky **** twats! Who the **** gave them the power to shut roads anyway!!!!  What a bunch of jumped up little shitbags!

Anyone else up for a mass burn out in their car park??

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Aug 13

Posts: 1

Ninefingers says:

Well, it'll just move the issue to another road in the area and the council will have to go through the whole process again.

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Sep 09

Posts: 905

Rogerborg says:

Oh, Judas Priest.

The riders were BREAKIN' THA LAW anyway, which could have been stopped by actually policing the road and ENFORCIN' THA LAW.

So now they're going to be be BREAKIN' THA LAW twice?  Well, whoopee, but why is that going to deter them unless it's... wait for it... actually policed?

It needs policing either way.  Night policing rips through overtime like you wouldn't believe, and £90,000 would be cheaper over the long term, but I guess that'll come out of someone else's budget.

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