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Honda NS125 1986

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27 September 2009

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2 Stroke Honda NS125f 1986 in Rothmans colours. Original engine and piston. Pre project completion photo. It was just missing the original headlight fairing which was being resprayed. If anyone else has got one similar id love to see it??

Mods: Exhaust

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Average rating: rating is 3.5 (26 ratings)

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Nice motorcycle! I would like to have one!buy custom research papers

22 November 2010 12:28



Honda Ns 125 1986 parts

Hello. I have a Honda NS125F 1986 and I wunder  have anybody an Exhaust System and seat saddle and rear light to it who I can buy? Or any site I can go to and look at and buy parts to my Honda NS125F 1986? please help me anybody. 

11 June 2010 00:53


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Gazz NS

Nice one

Ebays your best bet for Panels. I got a professionally resprayed tank on there. You cant buy the panels new now. I tried Honda and they said as much.


Try this too


12 November 2009 13:34



Honda NS125f

Hi Mate, i have a Honda NS125f D reg 1987 in Rothmans colours & is in very good condition, 3 owners, less than 8,500 miles, is mot'd & in need of light restoration where some areas have become a little grubby in places. wheels need blasting & painting, & need a couple of panels inc belly pan, grab handles & you have any of these spares you could sell me ? or know where i can get them? cheers, Gary.

18 October 2009 23:15