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BMW R1200GS 2009


12 October 2009

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I was very pleased with my K1200 RS SE and then I tried the 1200 GS. It is so easy to ride in bad weather conditions and the longer you ride it the easier it is so I got one, the SE mode and very pleased

Mods: Brakes, Crash protectors, Front suspension, Paintwork/cosmetics, Rear suspension, Screen, Seat, Wheels

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Average rating: rating is 4 (8 ratings)

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The BMW 1200 GS

In France we call a bike like this 'polyvalent' ..........which simply means that it is suitable and enjoyable to ride in almost all conditions. It is fast enough for a blast down the autoroute and the windprotection is good; In the rn it feels szecure and keeps the rider ' reasonably' dry. On small roads and in town it is very easy to ride and always feels very stable. I have had two  since 2004 and cannot think of any bike that i would rather own;  brian Rosen  (South of Lyon in frnce;)

05 April 2011 18:49