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Turbo VFR in the making


02 February 2010

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This is my project that i was told couldnt be done, its a 2002 honda VFR 800 v-tec. with a good dose of research, lots of sleepless nights and a very tolerant wife i managed to build a Turbo VFR, The turbo is a garrett T2 water cooled unit. oil lines plumbed into exsisting oil cooler system, i had to re - route the cooling system to plumb in the turbo, then the real fun began how to get the rear bank exhaust to join up at the front for turbo input. I modified the air box, re maped the power commander 3 and off i went for a test ride, a few tweaks later the bike runs great no Vtec kick and loads and loads of GO. Colin Barrett Dover Kent

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