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Kawasaki ZX-10R 2009


23 February 2010

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it was the zx10r or gsxr 1000 so glad i went for the zx10


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Average rating: rating is 4 (7 ratings)

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I've always been a suzuki fanatic,Specifically the GSXR range! Saw a beaut 1000 and tried my best to get hold of it...Ofcourse not trying to pull the cash ou my pocket...Tried finance....Failed cause i changed jobs recently,Personal loan...Same fuckup!!!! These attempts carried on for +-2months1Eventually i got the balls to just transfer the money out my account and over to the bikeshop in question! On this same day,after 2months of NO-ONE being interested,some guy walked in and bought it right under my nose! I had sleepless nights because this 1000 suz was a beaut and a diamond in the rough! The bikeshop had another option for me...The Kawasaki ZX10-R 2005 model...I told em to fuckoff!! SUZ or nothin!! After a few days i thought i would go back to the bikeshop and take the KAWA for a test run!!!?? I ended up riding her home and am proudly still riding her! I am the very happy and proud owner of this particular 2005 ZX10-R and am not sorry i swopped for a short period(i doubt) to kawasaki... This THING is vicious,energetic,wild and unpredictable at the best of times! It HAS IMPRESSED me thouroughly,a sincere SUZUKI fan! MY next impossible choice is what to trade her in on when that day arrives....NOT soon...STILL having plench fun! SUZ or KAWA......Dunno hey...LOVE both deliciously!!!! P.S>the new ZX10 2013 looks like shit...

10 May 2013 21:04


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A proper hooligan bike for grown it.

28 September 2011 20:36