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12 February 2011

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SE APRC Biaggi special. With just 37 in the UK I removed all the body panels to keep them new and fitted the Austinracing AlItalia kit and Carbon bits. The tank is a graphic vinyl so will come off later when required.

Mods: Bars/levers/grips, Bodywork, Crash protectors, Exhaust, Lightweight parts, Paintwork/cosmetics, Screen

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Average rating: rating is 4 (30 ratings)

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Looks ace....just hope it gets used more than it gets polished!!

Have fun.

06 August 2011 12:59


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First Impression

The bike goes on the road 01st March so I will know better then, first track day will be later that month, when run in. That said I have covered a few miles on "private roads" and my first impression is it will be amazing. The bike just feels smoother, slicker than my old RSV4R which was fantastic to ride. The quick shifter on this bike is just something else, I have never felt anything like it, like an electric switch, clutchless up and even down changes without changing the throttle postion amazingly quick. Early days but I have a feeling that this one is a keeper, can't imagine parting with it.

18 February 2011 16:35



Very good but what does it ride like ?

17 February 2011 23:21