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Loomies Cafe


02 August 2011

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Bikes meet every Wednesday. Nice roads to get to Loomies. Friendly family run cafe with food / drink sold to 10pm on Wednesday (normally 9pm) Good friendly crowed show up. Arrive early or you may struggle to park a single bike. Loomies can stay packed till about 9.30 at night.

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Average rating: rating is 4.5 (2 ratings)

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Well worth a trip to Loomies, great coffee & food is good both in taste & price.

Friendly crowd each time I have been there, Wednesdays can be busy as are the weekends but well worth a visit and the roads are great fun to, just remember to stick to the speed limit through the villages as there can often be a camera waiting to take your photo.




29 August 2011 17:35




Wednesday night just wouldn't be Wednesday night without Loomies, a good crowd gathers both Wednesday night and all day Sunday, the grub is excellent, friendly punters and staff make it the place to be around these parts.

Some good banter over the tannoy - especially if she has to call your ticket more than twice.

Advice - get there early on Wednesday night or you won't get a fag paper between the bikes



25 August 2011 11:28




It is a great family run cafe, who are friendly, helpful and cheerful. It is situated on a great stretch of road and is next to a petrol station (just in case)! It is usually extremely busy on Wednesday Eve or Sunday all day. Can get packed and you may find difficulty parking up if you turn up later in the eve. Great bunch of people that gather there always someone to chat to.

23 August 2011 21:27



Loomies cafe

Being a biker from the past and not knowing many others like me, I've found the welcome at Loomies very refreshing, lovely people ready to listen to any drivel I tend to come up with and making it seem so interesting, also great fresh coffee, Love It!

23 August 2011 17:19



Almost perfection

This place is a great meeting spot any day of the week. Bang on a crossroads, with good roads in every direction. The only other buildings here are a petrol station and a pub! Good grub and foxy daughters. Really the only thing you could do to make this place any better is put a huge pair of rubber tits on the front.


20 August 2011 21:54

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