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29 August 2011

Average rating: rating is 3.5

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Mods: Bars/levers/grips, Exhaust, Screen, Seat

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Average rating: rating is 3.5 (24 ratings)

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Could this be a first 'big bike'?

MCN's 'Top 5 first big bikes' article puts the pre 2010 models of this machine at nos 1 for a first big bike. I am doing my direct access course in November and am thinking about my first big bike. A slightly older model CBR600RR is one possibility and I wondered what your views would be on this as a 'first' big bike? Your profile says you have 4 years experience, do you think this bike might be a bit of a handful as a first big bike for someone with a couple of months experience on a 125? Also curious how you use the bike. Do you just use the bike for 'fun' or do you commute on it or use for any kind of practical stuff with it? I would love one of these bikes for my daily commute (13 miles each way) but I really need to have a top box and suspect that to put such a thing on one these beauties would be sacrilige (assuming that you can).

08 October 2011 21:50


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Damn, I didn’t bother to look if it’s in fact at girl operating this machine... I’m at a complete loss! I’m chocking on my words where I sit! Hat off to you Madam!


12 September 2011 14:15




lol mate i'm a girl and a 600 is plenty fast enough as it handles like a dream faster than a blade round corners as much lighter plus a 1000 is a mans thing as u never use its full potential but u can on a 600 its my first sports bike and I love it!!! so much better than the naked bikes for sure just wish they would make a cbr750rr that would be awsome

11 September 2011 20:16


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Too bad it's a 600

Bike loks very good, I like Honda's slightly less aggressive looks on the newer superbikes. Like the subject line reads- too bad its a 600!

09 September 2011 15:14




think red powedercoat and white and blue stripes! will look amazing.... :)

30 August 2011 13:48

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