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12 December 2011

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My Triumph Thunderbird 1600, which I traded in my Harley Dyna Glide for. The Thunderbird is in a completely different class. Better performance, beter handling, better braking, better build quality, better gadgets. Best bike I've ever had.

Mods: Bars/levers/grips, Exhaust, Polishing/plating, Seat

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Average rating: rating is 4.5 (208 ratings)

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Thanks Ryan

Thanks Ryan,

In the spring, I'll go for the 1700 conversion to make it a little bit quicker and, more importantly, give it a significant improvement in torque.  Although even now, it's a real blast to ride.

After that, I'll fit twin headlamps (should have bought the Storm in the first place!!)

It's certainly a great bike to ride, whether it's the usual 25 mile ride to work or stretching it's legs on a 100 mile run.  The riding position is perfect for me and even with a pillion on board, it doesn't seen to affect the handling or performance that much.

14 December 2011 10:59



Quite good

This bike both powerful and beautiful,i like it.

14 December 2011 09:16