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Petronas FP1-MOMOTO Prize Fighter


11 June 2012

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Pre-Sale Available Now.

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Petronas FP1 (Pre sale available)

I just wanted to share my info with al you would be followers out there,

Firstly, this guy Jasri, claims to have insight knowledge on FP1....NOT TRUE!.:mad:
Claims to have FP1 for sale... again BS!:mad:
Claims to be part of this new company MOMOTO...guess what, yet again NOT TRUE,:mad:
This guy is your typical malay attitude with nothing but hidden agenda..a real plonker!!!!:mad:

I know this as I was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, recently I visited the new owners of FP1 office in Malaysia.
So my advice to those would be interested parties, contact Momoto directly, the CEO is actually very genuine person and with a passion for FP1, brought up and educated in UK for the past 30 odd years, so dealing with him personally is a straight forward thing, unlike those typical Asian Swindlers out there. :smile:smile:smile

09 November 2012 05:45