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125cc Cagiva Freccia C12R 1989


18 October 2012

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These bikes are über rare! None of them were produced for the UK market, so they are hard enough to find as it is. This, whilst appearing cool and original, has its downsides; insurance companies are reluctant enough to insure grey imports, without them being relatively unheard of. Hence my labelling it as a Cagiva Mito on my profile. Mine is made even rare by the negligence of one of its previous owners; in repairing the fairings I needed it painted, so my cousin, who specialises in custom painting, took my design and made it truly unique. I see few enough 125s on the road, let alone Ferrari red, Audi white and black ones. This is a very fun machine though. I like to describe it as a Jekyll and Hyde toy. Being a stroker, it's innately difficult to get through traffic without attracting negative attention from guys in their cars as you filter past them. It has a power valve, which means that up to around 6000rpm the bike is Dr. Jekyll: slow, sluggish and dim-witted (my analogy fails here, but bear with me). However, up past 6500rpm Mr. Hyde is revealed. The bike moves (and sounds) like a branded sheep. All of its 27hp (at 10500rpm!) are delivered in one dump, and the bike, regardless of its size, will pull even the biggest of blokes up a large hill at a decent enough rate of knots. In traffic, this thing is a challenge at best, and, at worst, a handful. However, it is light, nimble and easy to slip through spaces. In terms of handling, I am yet to take it to its limits – I believe that if I were to I'd be at my limits, too. Having a small bike which fees like it;s got a turbo is, however, very fun, and will make any less experienced rider grin, whilst not letting them get so fast that they're putting themself in too much danger.

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