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SUZUKI SV650 2007


16 December 2012

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my suzuki sv 650

Mods: Crash protectors, Screen

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Average rating: rating is 3 (8 ratings)

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A very nice motorbike. Im an owner of a 2007 S version. The fully faired version. Still is the 650cc liquid cooled and oil cooled. 90 degree L twin just like the ducati's. Anways amazing bike not the fastest, But hey dont need to be. Has alot of torque and is very fun both on straights and in the twisty's.. Iv' been riding mine for ages now. And im fancying a change though as i want a 1000cc Sport bike :D. But know idea what to get. I somehow think i may miss the torque of a V if i go to IL4.. What are the thoughts on this?

07 January 2013 19:09