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25 March 2013

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Montenegro is a great place to head for if your looking for something that includes variety. This photo shows Albania just a stone throwand away we rode near deserted roads from Bar Montenegro stopping to take in the views along the route. The country still feels differant to the rest of central europe and has a fantastic coast. We continued the journey to Croatia and Bosnia two more highly recommended destinations. Sarajevo and Mostar bridge reminded me of the troubles in the area 1992-1995. The signs warning of land mines are still there so watch where you stop for a tiddle. We found the whole experience breathtaking and are looking forward to another visit. The best coastal resort is defo Budva Montenegro & makarska Croatia but Bosnia was so differant and will always remain in my heart. We met some great people and never had any problems apart from crossing the boarder between Montenegro into Bosnia where we had to wait around 90mins on a rickety bridge in noman's land because the green card wasn't in order. 50 euro later passport stamped and we continued our journey! unever forget those moments. border police's standard. 50 euro's later and our passportd got the stamp

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