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Harley-Davidson DYNA 2007

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16 May 2007

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Dyna Super Glide Custom in glorious black and chrome....magic.


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Average rating: rating is 2 (128 ratings)

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Didya get rid of the S&Ss on Ebay? I have just recently bought some and they were waaaay too loud. Modded the baffles and now sound awesome! :sunglasses:

05 November 2009 13:50



stage 1 done!

Well had the stage 1 done, was like it for a week before I decided that the S&S slash cuts that were put on were too loud!. . .so now back to standard exhausts but kept the air filter/fuel pak on.

Runs a lot better and returning low 50's to the gallon at mway speeds

30 June 2009 21:29



Got One

Well been riding mine now about7 months. . 6k miles. . . . few xtras. . screen lights. h./grips. rack. .backrest usual stuff. . next week serivce and stage 1 kit. . maybe they aint perfect but after 37 yrs riding I find them a hell of a lot of fun. . and I use mine daily. each to their own.

22 May 2009 16:10

ole skool

ole skoolsays

Which Harley

I would go to a Harley Dealer and ask to test ride as many as you can. The Buell is a nice bike. But if i was buying again I would proberly go for a Road King or Fatbob. One thing i won't have much of on my next Harley is CHROME. Harley chrome is Crap and does not suit the winter weather here. Yes i ride 52/7.

30 April 2008 14:10


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looks good to me

Ive been thinking about getting a harley for some time...but have always had jap bikes..mainly getting fed up with them and want to keep my licence in you have any suggestions as to which harley to go for ?

22 February 2008 17:49

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