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Buell XB12S LIGHTNING 2007

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16 May 2007

Average rating: rating is 3.5

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xb12 sg for short arses like me

Mods: Bars/levers/grips, Bodywork, Lights, Lightweight parts, Paintwork/cosmetics, Wheels

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Average rating: rating is 3.5 (26 ratings)

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BUELLS are the most under rated bikes ever, i have just sold my CBR1000RR for a BUELL XB12Ss long. i took a test ride out on a firebolt and was blown away by how much fun these bikes are! yeah they do shake like a crack head without the crack, but thats only when they are idiling. i have had a mix of sport bikes but not one has given me the fun that i wanted out of biking. they handle so well that it feels like a big BMX. the tourqe is really good from take off to top end, pulls like a train with a late time table!. the new BUELL will inspire sport bike riders with what they are lookung for, thats the new 1125r, its more like a firebolt buell rarther then the cool looking XB range. some say that the bike has a tractor engine but at least tractors have lots of tourqe LOL. i like the engine they currently have its diffrent from the norm, which in this day and age is a blessing, go on be diffrent BUY A BUELL.

15 July 2007 09:55


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Awesome naked muscle

Love the bike - awesome muscle bike. It has all the styling I wish my Z1000 had - very cool.

16 May 2007 22:09